Wait. Are you doing enough for your parents?

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Parents are the visible GOD in our lives. They bring us into this world.Nurturing us from day 1, they teach us to speak, to walk, educate us and guide us to the ultimate way of earning the name. As we are growing up we are forgetting that they too are growing old. They do so much for us expecting nothing in return. All they expect from us is that we take care of them in their old age, just the way they took ours when we were young.



How often do you sit down over a cup of tea with your dad and talk to him or to get a hair massage from your mother and listen to her? We often get too caught up in our lives that we tend to forget our mother, who brought us into this world needs us too.She is always waiting for us to come home and have food filled with her love and affection. Somewhere we also fail to notice that they are seeking time from us.


We forget the hard work done by our father, to provide us the best education, facilities, environment which might have deprived them of many wishes which they had. They must have postponed their plans at times for our happiness without even letting us know. It is not that they depend on us in monetary terms when they grow old; they want our emotional support as well. It is better we realize and make time for them before it is too late. We should strengthen our bond with our parents and learn from their experiences to make our lives better.


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