If you think concealing is the solution, then it’s not!

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Our generation has somehow romanticized the idea of sadness to such an extent that the idea of keeping all your problems to yourself and letting yourself be haunted by your demons has become appealing to all. We don’t want to let go of our sorrows because we think that it in some way makes us unique. We think our strength lies in the fact that we are trying to fight it all by ourselves, even when nobody cares enough for us.


But what we fail to realize is that we are the ones who have deserted ourselves from all the people that care about us. We are the ones who lock ourselves in rooms and cry about nobody caring enough to look past our fake smiles. But what we seem to forget is that it wasn’t someone else who, when asked if, was fine and lied through their own teeth, smiling a thousand times harder to make the world believe that we aren’t unhappy.  We say we want to be free from the chains bounding us to our past, but we are the ones who have bound ourselves to shackles.


It is easy to drown when we hit by storms. What’s tough is to swim the way back to the shore, no matter how much the menacing waves threaten to swallow you whole. The same way, it is far too easy to go on wailing for hours when life threatens to explode up your insides with its dirty games. What’s difficult is to wipe away your tears, face your problems and turn that frown into a genuine smile. That is courage – to let go of your sadness and to find your own identity beyond your pain. Courage is the key.


What you need to realize is that keeping everything to yourself is never going to make you happy. There are people who care about you. Sit down with them and share everything you feel. Confrontation is very important for mental health.


Next is to face your problems and learn to fight them. And in this process, you might as well need some external help because we are all humans and do seek each other in the times of need.


Engage yourself in activities you are passionate about. Make a routine to do one such thing in a day which indulges you in a way that you tend to forget everything else. This will rejuvenate you and increase your general efficiency. Don’t let your world come to a halt. No matter how you feel, get up and keep your life going. Take a deep breath and let go of your sorrows. After some time will pass, you will realize that you are more content and cheerful hence.


You are the one that has the keys to freedom from misery, the secret to personal happiness. So get up and smile away all your problems.


Ruchi Meghwal


Ruchi Meghwal
Hey, I am Ruchi Meghwal, a 11th Arts student from Kota, Rajasthan.
I am an avid reader and a poet.

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