Therapy for Mood Swings

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It’s not only teenagers who experience mood swings. They aren’t anything uncommon to any age group and can occur due to various reasons such as stress, hormones, emotional or physical distress. However, mood swings can become a big problem if they last for long, occur too frequently and create a ruckus in your daily life. Here are a few ways to channelize your mood swings for next time.

1)Acknowledge your emotions


Don’t feel guilty for whatever you’re feeling. If you feel like crying, throw yourself on your bed and drown your pillow with tears until all your frustration is let out. You will find yourself calmer after this. You can also do some physical exercise to let out your anger/frustration. But whatever you do, don’t try to control what you’re feeling. It will only result in more mood swings.



2)Try to keep yourself busy

 Sometimes, crying or screaming also doesn’t help. What you need to do then is to put your emotions on standby mode by indulging in some activity to keep your mind busy. It may be anything ranging from something as complex as a job presentation to as simple as a recreational hobby. When you complete that activity; you will notice that whatever distress you had been feeling has now gone away.


3)Interpret your emotions positively


Whenever you feel a mood swing, try to regulate your emotions in a positive manner. One of the ways to do this is to use positive self-talk. It is a tried and tested method, you will find that using positive self-talk will reduce the negative emotion you had been experiencing. For example, if you are really upset, take a deep breath and tell yourself everything will be okay.


4)Use relaxation techniques


If none of the above things work, then you can use some relaxation techniques to calm yourself down when you lose control over your emotions. You should try deep breathing, relaxing your body by lying down on the bed. Pause your thoughts for a while and sit in a quiet environment.


5)Get sufficient sleep


Sometimes, the main reason for mood swings can be insufficient amount of sleep. Not taking proper rest may result in an irritated mood all throughout the day. So it is necessary that you give your body enough time to rest.


6)Talk to someone, vent your tension


It is very necessary to talk to someone when you are feeling stressed or anxious. You should learn to communicate. Talk to someone who you think can handle you and won’t judge you at all.




7)Join therapy and consider medication


If you think your case is getting extreme and not even talking to someone is getting you anywhere. Please do not hesitate in contacting a therapist/physician and seeking proper medication. Talking to a therapist will prove to be a good way in interpreting your emotions and to finding out the cause behind your mood swings. It will also help in controlling them.


Ruchi Meghwal



Ruchi Meghwal
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