Willpower: The only constant from scratch to flagpole

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Ever noticed an ant climbing up a wall?

It keeps on falling and failing repeatedly but never gives up. Why? It is its willpower that acts as a push towards the ant’s destiny and eventually succours it to reach the finish line.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will.”

This statement was said by Mahatma Gandhi. Clearly, the greatest minds in our history have demonstrated the above quote.


To sense the sweet taste of success it is necessary to taste the bitterness of hard work as well. Success brings satisfaction, only when you have earned it yourself, from the scratch. Here, one thing that is to be understood is ‘success’ not only means attaining the final objective, it also means fulfilling everyday target.  Whether it is sacrificing for going out on a Saturday night with friends or getting up early in the morning, if you have the will power you’ll accomplish all that is needed.


It takes a lot to survive the journey from nothing to everything. The only thing that remains constant throughout is your willpower.

It involves patience, hard work, time and mental positivity to attain the desired goal. But, if you have willpower, all such hurdles seem to be tiny.

Willpower is the strength that tackles the obstacles of your life.

Breakdowns are a common phenomenon, inclusive of every goal. To defeat these impediments, there is only one solution; to keep going. Staying determined is one of the strongest emotions that inject self-confidence and credence in one self.

In order to procure it, one must persistently remind oneself of the capabilities he possess along with the reasons and causes that drove him to pursue anything certain.

It is willpower that has given birth to the people becoming mountain climbers and moon visitors. The level of one’s willpower in the first place decides the level of success and satisfaction he would get thereafter. It overcomes all the apathy, doubts and fears that try to thwart one from accomplishing something.

Hence, get out there and just do it!

Vrinda Mohan Panjwani





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