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PEPPYCHUNK, Think, Express, Create!


How about finding yourself a platform where you can create ideas and express them to like- minded people?

Well, PEPPYCHUNK brings such a clipboard to your desks where you can give words to your ideas and perceptions. It indeed is a platform to learn, showcase and empower yourself through the help of Mighty Ink (wise words). PEPPYCHUNK takes you to strive on a journey where you WRITE, READ and CREATE ideas.

We highly condemn pseudo-thinkers and pseudo-writers, and so at PEPPYCHUNK, we promote Novel ideas and Creations. Gone are the days when you had to spend your money on buying servers or domains. The platform categorically comes with varied sections where you can engage yourself in and showcase your talent of writing. How about featuring in one of them? Pick up your cogent words, bind them into sentences, create a masterpiece and transform from being an extraordinary Writer to a Featured Editor.


In this world full of pseudo-writers we support and promote those who passionately believe in their works and are determined to create a positive impact on their readers. What we at PEPPYCHUNK endeavour to provide is a platform for avid writers and story-tellers who look forward to inspire their readers through the words they bind in with their novel ideas.

Distinctive and Creative ideas are always welcomed and we assure to espouse you throughout the journey of spreading inspiration through your ideas and words.

Originality promotes creativity. Those works which are novel and unidentical to other pieces of creation will be inordinately given priority over their antithesis.

Initiatives lead to the beginning of a journey. This platform promotes those thinkers and artists who take initiatives to embark on the journey of writing down their ideas and spreading their beliefs to the community of like-minded people.


COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS- What makes a writer different from his fellows is his authentic style of writing. We as an insightful community of writers and readers should highly condemn plagiarised works and promote original ones. Thus, to publish an article on this platform, kindly check if you’re promoting original piece of work or not, or use lawful means of creating a piece of work i.e. by providing Credits, Citations, EndNotes etc.

CONTENT VIOLATIONS- A glance at the following legal provisions would apparently manifest as to which kind of content is prohibited on this platform:

1. Section 292 of IPC states that if any material taken as a whole, is lascivious or appeals to prurient interest and tends to deprave and corrupts the persons who read, see or hear the matter contained will come under the ambit of obscenity.

2. Information and Technology Act also gives provisions to prohibit obscene content in electronic form. Section 67 of IT Act gives punishment for publishing obscene material in electronic form.

NO ADVERTISEMENTS: We do not promote advertisements and content marketing on this platform. We believe in building a space where writers and readers can easily explore their interests and proffer inspiration. Any content that comes up with brand sponsorships, advertisements, undisclosed affiliated links will be barred from publiscation on this platform.Additionally, any content that

1. Advocates or promotes intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups;
2. Glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths;
3. Exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate, or harass identified, identifiable, or anonymous people.
4. compiles and releases a dossier of personal information of someone publicly.

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