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Ranisha Agrawal


13 Reasons Why |Review| A must watch

Genre :Teen drama, Mystery, Thriller

Rating :3.9/5 stars

Seasons till 2020: 4

Episodes per season: 13

Duration of each episode :45-50 mins

Taking your own life ain’t easy, right?Don’t we get curious to know the reason for death?

What things , people or circumstances made it impossible for the person to live ?

A high school student Hannah Baker suicides.Mysterious death ?Later her classmate Clay Jenson who had acrush on Hannah discovers 13 tapes recorded by Hannah explaining the brutal reasons of her suicide.

This series is an intense,dark and a mysterious adult plot scripted gracefully.The characters,unfolding events , acting , narratives make it more tempting. People feel life is easy when it is

kept silent but what it’s like when your life is heard? Teenage life deals with problems ,relationships, highschool and what not which is simply made complex by our surrounding people.

It’s an outstanding teenage drama for mystery lovers which can make them question people.

The episodes are trilling and heart touching and the plot conveys various messages to people out there.It’s a must watch for all.

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