By- Ranisha Agrawal
You feel it You write it ✨

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Ranisha Agrawal


14 years of school journey


Privilege for me standing here,

14 years of schooling was extremely real.

The school taught me to fight against the evilest height,

With a rage within me to make myself bright.

It’s a place where I met some strangers for the first time ,

Who are now an exceptional part of my life.

Wandering around in corridors, washroom diaries , class sport

Knocked out the  boredom, which made us snort.

Life would have been freaking hard without friends like you,

Chats became longer,our bond became stronger.

The keenness to vanquish together ,

escalated our journey to connect forever.

This is our home our feet may leave ,

but not the memories that we weaved.

I refuse to say goodbye ,

While my heart silently weeps and cries.

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