By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti


151200 Minutes

You freed your hair,grin on my face.

  Fast paced romance,nearing to an end.

Summer ‘18 love,left me your trace.

  Two college kids,struggling to make it to the grace.

 Soft palm of your hand,pressed against my face.

  Call of your last goodbye,turned my face pale.

Soothing indie songs, slow car rides.

 Secret amour heists,away from the city lights.

Same coloured sweaters,four brown eyes.

 Oath of my lover disguised by the lies.

I drove all night to reach you,with no safety belts and no street lights.

 And I crashed so hard even before I could hit the breaks,when I caught your sights.

Now I Reminisce about how you used to ditch your heels for me.

   And how rosemary scent of your pears soap used to fill up my car.

‘’Here comes again,the bewildering month of December,so nostalgic and beautiful.

   Bringing back all the memories of 151200 minutes I spent with you’’.

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