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3 Crazy predictions in the world of Technology


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We all make predictions means something which we think will happen in future. Just like it, futurists and tech experts had made some predictions in the field of technology. Because of technology, I believe, we are on the cusp of the next stage of our evolution. Some of the predictions are very crazy.

So let's have a view on

Crazy predictions in the field of technology

1) Grief goes digital

In the world, all had to pass away one day. Everyone loses their loved ones. The grievance of their death is going to get digitalized in future. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Will become memorial and places to share memories of the person, and their posts and shares serving as a scrapbook of their lives. Journalist Danielle Radin, who provides social media management services free of charge for those that are deceased as part of Kind Years Grief Association, expects to see the demand for this grow.

When we pass away, our digital footprint lives on forever. There will need to be people to manage this.

2) We will have digital doubles

Andy Wood, chairman of computer vision and facial animation company Cubic Motion, expects that everyone will have their online avatar. All the persons are going to have their copy or clone on the internet which is termed as online Avatar. It is assumed that within few years, everybody can have an online persona 'digital double'—it doesn't need to be creature, age or gender-specific—just like the Ready Player One movie," he says. "Every walk of life, profession, and social lifestyle will have access to an online digital double."

3) Driverless will be the norms

Self-driving is most common nowadays to reach faraway places. Now, everyone can reach the place in a few periods by driving the vehicle. Most all major auto manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan Renault, Daimler and more have committed to shipping driverless car options within the next few years. This means that in a few years, there will be no need for a driver to drive a car or vehicle. Cars can drive automatically in the next coming years. Driverless cars will saturate the marketplace within a quarter-century and will have built a track record of safety and effective operation that laws may even be passed to remove (relatively unsafe) human-driven cars from public roads.

These are some of the crazy predictions which may become true in reality within a few years. In the past, we never think that one day we will able to talk to far away persons just sitting at one place but it got possible only due to technology. Therefore, the things which today seems that can't come true in future will also come true. It convinces me to believe in the fact that these predictions can be real. As today we are in an era which changed a lot within a few years. So, I agree with it that in upcoming years these predictions may prove true in the real world.

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