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48 hours without electronic gadgets in a remote island

Reality Check

Hello Readers,however are you I hope you all are well .so i'm keep company with new topic -48 hours without electronic gadgets in a remote island .

Technolgy play a crucial role in our life .It made our life much easier as compare to past.

We can get information about any topic with just click of a button.

In past getting information about something was much harder as compared to present it is not just about getting information any kind of machine that made our life easier like refrigerator ,mixer grinder, washing machine computer ,scanner and many more is just because of Advanced technology

♣️ Let's take current example students are taking online classes ,employees are doing work from home

This example and statement prove that Technology play a very important role in our life.

Now let's imagine: What will happen if someone left for 48 hours without digital technology in remote Island.Are you scared by hearing this ?

Are you thinking what will happen to you ?

Are you thinking that you may cant survive.

if you are really thinking this kind of stuff ,then I would like to say that you are not thinking you are overthinking it.

One of my friend challenge me to spend 48 hours without digital technology in remote Island .At that time ,I was hyper and I accepted it,

Now , I am in remote Island without one of the most important part of life i.e my phone .I have to do everything on my own without the help of YouTube. I have to find food phone myself without the navigation of Google Map.

At that place I don't have digital technology but there is other most important thing that I have i.e greenary islands , beauty of nature Chirping of birds clear blue sky above my head .

Clean and clear water flowing through the river ,fishes are also enjoying their life in clean water. I can eat variety of fruits from tree .This scene is very much pleasant for eyes to see .

You might have your heared raditions produced by mobile tower is main cause of death thousand of birds which is very unpleasant to see or hear

If I have option to live in remote island. I would like to stay in the remote island for whole of my life

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