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5 best things you can buy from 1000Rs !

Today 1000Rs is a meagre amount for every individual. 1000rs value nothing more than 100rs. There was a time when a person could satisfy himself for a month in 1000rs. 

So today we are going to see what useful things you can buy from 1000rs

(*) Remote control Drone 

Now days if you want to buy a drone then for that you should have a budget of 5000Rs at least , and this is such amount that not everyone can afford to spend. Understanding the needs of the middle class society Kingkong Brand launched a drone kit which you can easily assemble at home and use. If you want to try a drone then you should buy this product.

(*) Little digital camera 

If you have ever explored camera market you will find that even the cheapest camera costs more than 10000Rs. Some people dream of using a digital camera so Om Mart introduced a digital camera which you can buy only for 800Rs from Amazon.It has a 1080p display and 2 megapixel camera ,. Rest you can see on Amazon if you wish to buy this cool kid camera.Well its purely on your choice whether to keep it as show model , or use it or play with it.

(*) Emergency toolkit 

This is a tool that has almost all the functions you can use in case of extreme emergency. Just image you are in a place such as forest , unknown route where your network goes off , or your device does not support you anymore then this device can be helpfull for you . It has a reflector , magnetic compass, torch , whistle, knife, hydrometer, thermometer ,magnifying glass and the most important if you need heat or light to help you they give you a flint ( its is tool that creates spark , used to make fire ). This device comes with a price of 600Rs 

But there are some negative points also , Producer also counted unecesaary things in its features that is a string and a little stick. 

Also it is made up of cheap plastic and this device's origin is unknown, they did not mentioned whether it is made in China or it's from any other country. 

(*) Backlight Bluetooth keyboard

This keyboard is different from other bluetooth keyboard available in the market. This is different because it gives multiple features like you can even control mouse with this keyboard, you can control volume up and volume down options , plus it is very handy and come with a rainbow Backlight. This keyboard survives on AA batteries. This product is available on Amazon at 359Rs and its totally worth.

(*) Bluetooth module

If you are creative in nature then this will be the best product for you , it's a Bluetooth module means you can make anything at home such as bluetooth speaker, bluetooth earphone , bluetooth headphone , bluetooth mouse , and many more amazing things . Nowadays in market if you add Bluetooth in any product the price of the product reaches its height and then it becomes out of reach for the middle class members. So if you want to create anything that works on Bluetooth concept you can buy this product. Plus you also have to buy a battery of 70Mah that will cost you around 100Rs from the local market near you. There are several videos on YouTube you can take help from.

Now I am going to buy that Backlight Bluetooth keyboard from Amazon, because it is genuinely different from other existing keyboard.

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