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5 Skin care Myths revealed


When you flip through magazines you’ll see models and celebrities with gorgeous healthy-looking skin. Sometimes most of what you’re seeing is the magic of Photoshop but there’s also a chance that these girls genuinely have gorgeous skin.  Jealous? You don’t have to be! Take care of your skin, use the right products for your skin type and you too will have skin that glows with health.  However, there are some skincare myths we need to uncover. Being well informed is the first step to getting beautiful skin.

Skin Myth #1 – Tanning beds are OK

False.  Tanning beds, even the ones without UVB, are not safe for your skin. Any use of tanning beds is harmful to your skin. Tanning booths that use UVA rays are not good for your skin at all, UVA rays penetrate deeper into your skin and cause damage. Essentially you are frying your skin when you use a tanning booth and the chances of you developing skin cancer and other skin irregularities are much higher.  Just minutes on a tanning bed can equal to hours of being in the sun without protection. That’s not good!

Skin Myth #2 – Getting a ‘base tan’ is healthy.

False.  Your body’s melanin helps prevent sun damage but it’s not the same as having a lot of natural melanin in the skin. Getting a base tan is the same as getting a regular tan and exposing your skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Skin Myth #3 – Having darker skin protects you from the sun.

False. Generally, if you have naturally olive or dark skin you have more melanin, if your skin is fair you have less melanin. Tanning to increase melanin, or to get darker, is not the same. You are still exposing yourself to UVA and UVB rays.  People with more melanin have the same risks as getting wrinkles, getting burnt, and can develop skin cancer.

Skin Myth #4 – Using sunscreen with a higher SPF number equals better protection.

False. In order to truly protect your skin, you will need to find a sunscreen that has “broad spectrum” protection. Look at the ingredient labels and check to see if your sunscreen has zinc oxide or Parsol 1789 (avobenzone), these help to truly protect your skin better. Also, apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes prior to going outside and re-apply after 2 hours. Doing so will help it to penetrate your skin and work better.

Skin Myth #5 – You don’t need sunscreen when it’s raining or cloudy outside.

False. You always need sunscreen. 85% of the sun’s rays penetrate through the clouds and can still cause damage.

Skin Myth #6 – Eating chocolate and oily foods cause acne

False. Eating certain foods or avoiding eating certain foods does not prevent acne. The oily sebum, found and created in your skin, causes acne.

Healthy skin is always fashionable, take care of yourself! :)

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