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5 skin care tips and remedies every girl should do

Who can resist beauty?Everybody wants beautiful,glowing and flawless skin.We go for chemical creams and serums which in the long run deteriorates our skin quality.Meanwhile to survive in dust ,pollution with allergies acne is miserable.Here are some natural tips which every skin demands and trust me these are 100% effective .

1.Natural Face scrub with no harm and fast purification of skin -

  •  Cut a tomato from the centre.
  • Pour one tablespoon honey on the wet side of the tomato.
  • Now put ½ tablespoon sugar or tea grains on the wet side of the tomato.
  • Gently scrub for 3-4 minutes slowly squeezing the tomato juice and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Wash off with cold water 
  • Apply ice to close the skin pores.

This will purify you skin and remove the direct and pollution from your skin.Try this twice a week at night and save your skin.

2.100% effective anti-acne Face serum

  •  Boil three cups of water 
  • Add 30-40 neem leaves,½ tablespoon turmeric powder and 1 cup aloe vera gel.
  • Boil on low flame till you get a strong smell and 1 cup water remains .
  • Store it in a spray bottle and spray every night on a clean face .

Neem and turmeric have antibacterial properties while aloe vera gel nourishes skin and balances the secretion of hormones in the skin.You may also use this serum twice a day for fast results .The serum lasts for around 7-10 days .Afterwards start with making a new serum.

3.For pink and soft lips 

  • Rub your lips daily at night for 2-3 minutes with the corner of a wet towel.
  • Apply coconut oil ,vaseline or any natural lip balm.

Rubbing with the end of the towel acts as a natural lip scrub.You can do it while watching a movie or while using social media on phone .

4.Drinking coconut water(nariyal pani) everyday

  • This will get you rid of digestion problems 
  • will keep your body calm
  • Clear and hydrated skin
  • Blood pressure control
  • Stress relief
  • Beautiful and shiny hair.

Try this for 44 days 

5.Apply coconut oil or pure ghee on your belly button every night

  • This helps get rid of digestion problems 
  • Bad digestion causes acne and dryness of skin
  • So this basically activates your skin cells keeping your system uptight.

This is it .Try these to  keep your skin naturally healthy.

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