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Heya my lovely readers! 

I hope you all are doing well.  

Before going on further, i want to ask a question from all of you. Are you all living a life? 

Haha! it may seem a ridiculous question and many of you would be thinking am I ok or not! 

Well, Chill guys, I'm absolutely fine! but still I'll ask you the same question.


Pin your answers below in the comment section before going on further. After you read the whole article, edit your comment by answering if I was able to change your initial response or not (if earlier it was not in sense of what I tried to explain)? 

I hope you all did it! 

Now, guys let me clear my question. Were you all knew what i meant to ask? Were you capable of understanding the deep meaning of living a life? If yes, then well n good. But if not, let me guide you! 

There is a lot of difference between living a life and passing your life.  

Passing your life simply means that you are going with the flow of your luck. You are alive but not satisfied with your living. You crave for more and it's an obvious thing according to the human psychology. On the other hand, living a life mean that you are satisfied with it. It's not like that if you have luxuries then you have a good life. Everything depends on your definition of satisfaction & happiness. Some just want to get two square meals every day to make them happy or some want a variety of dishes to get satisfied. 

So, here we'll proceed with our topic. 

Five things or we can say needs, without which one cannot live a life are: 




These are biological needs required to preserve human life. Therefore, these are also known as survival needs. They include needs of food, drink, air, sleep etc. These must be satisfied first of all so that a healthy life can be lived. 'Man lives by bread alone', and if there is no bread, there is no life. These needs are required to be repeatedly satisfied rather they are essentially finite.     For example, an individual requires a limited amount of food but he requires it every day. 




Once physiological needs are reasonably satisfied; a person requires protection from physical danger and economic security. People start thinking about their future as they want to secure their future by making sure that in future also, they continue to satisfy their physiological needs. Imagine, a person earned today and lived happily till his earning come to an end but what's next? He should have planned this before to avoid sufferings at the time of need. May a person be rich enough but falls sick very often, is he living a life? or just spending his earnings in medicines or to hospitals? Think yourself. 




Man is a social animal as he seeks affiliation with others. Social needs refer to need for belonging, need for acceptance, need for love and affection, etc. Such needs are infinite but may not be essential. Rather, it's necessary as how can a person live without being social? It may seem that this is not a big deal but practically it's not possible. Living alone without any friends, without being loved or pampered just sucks. One may enjoy their own company but not for a long time and my friend life is very long if you are alone but very short if you have your goals and someone beside you. 




These needs are related to respect and recognition. These are of two types: self-esteem and esteem of others. Self-esteem needs include self-respect, self-confidence, competence, achievement, knowledge and independence. On the other hand, esteem of others includes reputation, status, etc. These needs are infinite and thwarting them results in feelings of inferiority, weaknesses and helplessness.                                                                                                                             For example, your above-mentioned needs were satisfied but you are not given respect in the society and the irony is that no matter what but you have to live in a society only. One can make himself like he doesn't care but deep down it hampers happiness and prosperity in one's life.