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6 Toxic Relationship Habits, that seem to be Normal.

Welcome Readers,

Is love necessary to build and maintain a relationship for a longer time? Is love necessary to stay happy with each other forever? We all have heard or read this statement since our childhood that "LOVE IS VERY POWERFUL AND MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL." But if we step out of this dream world, we will realize this one day that "LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH". Yes Right! It may sound strange and rough but the sooner this thing is understood by yourself, the better it will make you because when this beautiful and magical world of dreams get broken, even a normal, happy, and loyal person gets destroyed, damaged, and sometimes spoiled and it also makes a person stay emotionally and physically sick for a very long time. (Through this article, I will discuss all kinds of relationships because I believe that a relationship means a relationship only and not a love affair between a girl and a boy. Right!)

Today in this article we will be discussing some common yet dangerous relationship habits that neither we know them nor we try to understand on time and slowly these toxic unnoticeable habits kill a relationship from inside so much that the people who used to talk for hours without any purpose, need to find a genuine reason to utter just two words. So let's just begin to talk about these habits before they make your relationship empty as hell:

Unable To Give Each Other Enough Time- This habit is the most common yet the biggest. By this, I don't mean to give your all day, literally all day to your partner in the name of love. This toxicity arises when after the serious commitment and being very important to each other, you are not even able to give a maximum of one hour from the whole day to your partner. Of course, it creates a deep rift in a successful going relationship. And why not! If a person makes himself/herself free all day just to talk with their partner and that person don't give a damn about anyone's feelings or time, its obvious to become a victim of this habit, it's obvious that it creates an untold misunderstanding among them which forces to break their relationship brutally, one day.

Ignoring Each Other's Point of View or Making jokes on Emotions- In a relationship, every person demands respect also, along with love and if this respect element is missing, then it's a very common thing to break this up. It may sound very easy and hard to believe that how it is possible to break a relationship just by making fun of your partner but the actual problem arises when you make jokes about their emotions every time, the real battle starts when ignoring each other's perspective every time and giving less importance to each other's views becomes a daily habit.

Insulting Each Other's Choices- We all know this thing already that everyone has their own choices regarding food, entertainment, different places or people but if we are in a relationship with someone, its a very very important thing to respect the choices of your partner(whether you like them or not) because it creates a mutual understanding which is practically way more important and essential than Love. It's a very obvious thing that there will be zero respect towards the relationship if there is no respect and consideration towards your partner's choices, and thus the bond will only last for few months. (hardly)

Lack of Small Surprises- An ordinary practical human being may not even consider this habit as toxic because according to them~ Surprising your partner with small and purposeless surprises is just a waste of time, money, and energy. But they never try to find the hidden fact behind it. Surprising your partner once or twice a week with sweet or priceless gifts like flowers, sweets, handwritten messages, cheap dates, and hugs, etc makes a relationship mentally and emotionally stronger. Even your small and sweet gestures can contribute a lot to any kind of relationship and makes your partner realize their value in your life. Without these surprises, a relationship becomes very boring and sometimes hard to handle, which leads to creating a lot of misunderstandings and ultimately a Breakup after a few years.

Procrastination of Plans- If this habit is done by a person for the first time or by mistake or in a rush then it is completely understandable, but if it is followed on an everyday basis after even knowing the future consequences then it direct towards a clear avoidance or rejection, because when a person is procrastinating and avoiding the meetings, dates conversation on phone or messages or, any other way of interaction every time, I repeat every time than it clearly indicates that he/she wants to get rid of this relationship simply.

Sharing Problems Only- It is a known fact that a relationship is meant to share each and every emotion and ups & downs but if a person only shares his/her family, friends, society, and career issues, it will definitely create toxicity at some point. This habit may not be accepted and considered by many people because everyone thinks that if a person is sharing their problems and sorrows then it means that they love you and trust you unconditionally. Then why do they search for other people to celebrate their success or something? This toxicity clearly reveals the harsh reality that your partner is enjoying a psychological advantage on you by sharing his/her problems and make you think about them.

(Believe Me, Readers! This habit is the worst among all as it sucks the peace and happiness out from you just because you get mentally attached with someone while they don't give a damn about it.)

In this article, we discussed that how these small yet life taking toxic habits can break a relationship in just a few days or months without even giving time to think and realize.

In the conclusion, if the maximum of three toxic habits(mentioned above) are present in your relationship then, unfortunately, it's at the alarming stage of a breakup. ( And I am not saying this just because I've just heard or read this somewhere but instead, I've seen many breakups between different kinds of relationships, following these toxic habits.)

So I would love to suggest just one thing in one line that-

It's better to avoid and stay away from any kind of Toxic Relationship than to give your 100% and suffer the rest of your life just for the sake of some temporary pleasure or attention.

Thank You!

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