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8 weird and interesting facts about Japan and its culture

Hey everyone,

In this article ,you are going to learn some weird facts about japan.

Japan is precise in its own, and boasts of charming lifestyle and social paradigms that one can’t locate everywhere else withinside the world. Also, even though Japan is one of the maximum socially and technologically superior countries on Earth

♂️Here are 8 weird and interesting facts about Japan that makes it stand away from any place you have ever been to.:

✴You can’t be fat 

Sumo wrestlers of Japan are pretty famous, however you will be amazed to recognise that there are rarely any overweight humans withinside the country, out of doors of sumo wrestling arena. .

In fact, Japanese residents among the age of forty and seventy four are speculated to have their waistlines measured annually. 

✴Illegal to make clone

Although it isn't always a ordinary component to have a identical to yourself, however is a criminal offense to test with human cloning in Japan, 


If every person is observed breaking the rule, they'll be sentenced to ten years in jail

This regulation has been positioned to discourage scientists from fiddling in human cloning research...

✴Vending machine that sell everything:

Japan boasts of getting the very best density of merchandising machines, with about round five million machines, or 1 gadget for each 23 people.

While the primary gadget that changed into installation in Japan to promote cigarettes, nearly the whole lot from magazines, flowers, complete food to umbrellas, and bathroom papers also can be offered from those machines today.

✴People are employed to push human beings interior trains .

Around fifty seven per cent human beings in Tokyo use public transportation, thereby developing big commuter struggles. ... To address this situation, the metropolis even hires ‘transit pushers’ to push human beings in train.

✴Take power naps on the job :

yes ,you heared right .In japan ,people believe that taking naps during work

improves workflow and speed.

✴Shoes not allowed inside home :

It is taken into consideration impolite to put on footwear internal a house. In fact, earlier than coming into a house, you may be given a couple of slippers, and requested to take off your footwear there.

•°This Japanese custom have become a factor again withinside the days while Japanese used to take a seat down at the ground and eat..

and didn’t need grimy footwear to destroy the spot in which they had been alleged to eat....

✴Slurping noodles is taken into consideration polite

Slurping noodles in Japan is taken into consideration polite, as in keeping with them, it presentations appreciation for the food. So, the following time you visit a noodle eating place , in Japan, slurp and experience your noodles to the fullest.....


An interesting fun fact about Japan’s culture is that it is common to totally avoid the number four because the word sounds the same as the word death. Buildings will commonly not have the 4th floor, cutlery is often sold in sets of 3 and the number of guests invited to a tea ceremony will never be 4!

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