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Ananya singh


A Day in my life as an engineering student

Personally there is nothing special There is nothing special in an engineering student life from my point of view . But still I am acknowledging you with some of my experience . After school , every student gets excited to enter the new phase of college. New friends, new curriculum , almost everything new. But due to pandemic, online classes are still on acceleration. So like the routine of every student, continuous 5-6 hours on PC or mobile phones are on the go these days, a little bit of research and something extra like blogging fills my day.

I would recommend every student whether college going or school going to be productive in whatever they do. From my personal experience , I have realised that there a lot of distractions while working through digital stuffs, one can easily get distracted . One need to be cautious as well as fully aware of their goals or plans . It is advisable to build weekly plans .

So this was a little piece of suggestion.

By the way every student like me , till noon we are engaged in online classes , then a nap is advisable since long hours on phone obviously stresses our eyes and refreshes our brain too. Then with a refreshed mood , we can start afresh with our work of daily basis like doing research on a few topics, completing assignments and modules . Also a little bit of chilling time is advise like listening to peaceful and soft music . Doing physical activity like a walk or cycling really stretches our muscles since we have the same posture throughout the day while studying .

After having a healthy meal , we can summarise our day's goal and what's need to be improved.

So this was a jist of how every student should schedule his day . Although it's difficult to follow but it's very beneficial because following a schedule makes us more disciplined and helps in having a more clear approach to our lives .

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