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Mental Health is as important, if not more, as Physical Health. It is highly underrated and can often go undiagnosed. At times a person may not even realise they are facing some kind of mental illness since there isn’t much awareness. And at other times, people do not accept it due to the image created by the society. 

While anyone can be subjected to some or the other kind of mental illness, introverts tend to suffer more than the extroverts due to their basic personality traits. The common problem among the introverts is anxiety. Some people may not even realise they are suffering from Anxiety Disorder. They often mistake the symptoms of Anxiety Disorder for their introversion. These symptoms may include excessive stress, worry, restlessness, hypervigilance, lack of concentration, insomnia, palpitation and more. It can be self diagnosed and, to some extent, be self treated 

Here are a few tips for an introvert:- 

a) Be Productive- Find out something that you enjoy to do and may help you express yourself like writing or painting. It would also help you keep busy and avoid overthinking. 

b) Reduce Alcohol Consumption- Alcohol tends to increase the level of anxiety as it changes the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

c) Meditation- Whenever anxiety starts kicking in again, try to breathe deeply and evenly. Yoga can help you meditate and relax.

d) Eat Healthy- Eat healthy meals and/or food that can help you reduce anxiety like yogurt, citric fruit, spinach and so much more. Avoid excess intake of sugar and carbohydrates. 

e) Seek Help- If nothing seems to work, seek help. Being an introvert, you may not be able to talk as easily to people as one might think. If you cannot talk to a family member or a friend, there is always an option of therapy. Professional help will help you in the long run. 

And always remember, penting up emotions deep within you will only worsen your condition. You may find it difficult but there are people who are ready to help you if only you speak up. 

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