A girl to remember | Book review

This book is special for me because this is gifted my one of my closest friends on my 18 birthday.

Genre:- contemporary

Rating:- 3.5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟

Story:- Neel is self proclaimed demon ,slave to his desires ,putting at stake even the purest of relanship for it. He lives for himself ,takes life as it comes,and consider people who love as emotional fools. When he first sets his eyes new landlady,a widow,all he can see is opportunity. He has plan to get rich and working hard to achieve it untill he bumps into Pihu . Neel hates Pihu for her unexplained obsession ,and her being and her hindrance in his plan ,but her firm resolve to see good person in him shakes the Neel to the core.

To be honest i enjoyed the book . There are soo many relatable things written .And some of the most beautiful lines .

The writing style is pretty simple .

I will recommend this book to the beginner .........

I will not say that its the best read but it was enjoyable. At some point of this book i felt annoyed . The ending i would was really dramatic - Just like a Bollywood movie. This was my first ever annotated book and seeing things from different perspective was really fun .. I finished this book in one day so its not that chunky.

Here is my favorite line from the book:-


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