By- Tanya srivastava

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Tanya srivastava


A letter to my future self❤


Hi , yesterday i turned 18 and i don't why i am writing this but i want to address my future self. You are going to read this on your 22th birthday . firstly happy birthday my future self .

So how are you doing nowadays? Hope you are giving yourself as much love as you deserve . Right now the situation not good but I am trying my best so that you will not regret it later . This time is super confusing so if I did some mistake forgive me for that. Hope you are much stronger and beautiful then now. Hope you have achieved whatever i am dreaming right now. I know it sound little bit cheesy but i can't do anything teenage is all about being dramatic. I am in pain right now,working hard for the goal so that you my future is self will appreciate my efforts. I know time heals everything but there is unbearable stress and tension regarding you .Hope you have meet your Mr Right. If he is there say hi to him. I know your priority have change but i hope you haven't forgotten me. I am starting lot of small things so that you can be independent ,i am trying my best. There are many challenges right now but i am trying my best to tackle it because i want a better you (my future self). I know every well you are still on the journey if self love . I am trying my best to love myself but its pretty hard right now. Every thing is messed up . i hope you are surrounded by the people that cares about you. I hope you have fallen in love not with significant other but with your life. I hope you have started saying yes more in life- instead letting the idea of embrassment or failure come your way. I hope you are able to say that everyday is an adventure -that there is never a day without experience or new lesson. Keep smiling those small worry and concern will only forgotten in year time . i hope you are investing memories ,not things .

Hope you are working harder day by day.

Its okay if there is something not good in your life. Don't be hard on yourself.

Remember one thing:-

"Life is not going to be easy ,it never meant to be .So get yourself up and ace the challenges"

-Your past self

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