By- Sanjeevani Shukla
Let's just keep saying it until we actually start believing it.

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Sanjeevani Shukla


A Masquerade


There are a million reasons to die for....and then comes - Her smile.

Her smile, that makes a gloomy, rainy evening turn into a night with shiny stars giving you hope for a better tomorrow.

Her smile that wraps you up in a warm cocoon of compassion making you forget all the agonies of a pitiable life.

Her smile, an instrument of vehemence.

Her smile that leads you to believe in the kind of love you never had and that makes you think you deserve it too.

Seeing her smile makes you beam.

She may not be the most beautiful woman you ever met. But she is the most soulful one you'll ever meet.

That radiant, charming and intoxicating smile giving away compassion in every bit of it.

But her smile is a paradox. Look closely and you will witness the veils coming down.

Her smile is a masquerade.

Take that pretty smiling face in your palms and look deep into her eyes.

There are wars inside her, battles she is fighting alone. And no she doesn't need you to fight those for her.

She just needs you to see the scars these battles give her. Scars which she hides underneath that radiant smile of hers.

And to call her beautiful despite them.

For once she needs you to tell her that its okay to let go of the mask because her smile that fills your insides

with ardor is nothing but a Masquerade.

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