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A Song Of India


Book: A Song of India

Writer: Ruskin Bond

Release Date: July 20, 2020

'A Song of India' is the fourth installment in the memoir series of Ruskin Bond. It follows 'Looking for the Rainbow' (2017), 'Till the Clouds Roll By' (2017) and 'Coming Round the Mountain'(2019). Through this book, Ruskin Bond celebrates 70 years of his literary journey.


  Ruskin Bond needs no introduction in the literary world. He has been giving us trips to the Himalayan mountains, rivers, valleys and even the roads. And this book does the same while also giving us a peek into the years of his youth. 


 It takes us into the sixteenth year of his life. The age which brings with it the promise of experiences which will last a lifetime. The new and old friendships, the first crush and with it the first heartbreak. With this book, Ruskin Bond takes us back to the year he went away. The year he had to leave behind his family, friends, his beloved mountains and everything in it. All he could carry with him were his memories.


            Nothing applies to 'A Song of India' as much as the saying "You can take the man out of India but you can never take India out of the man." This book takes you into the life of a teenager living in the mountains and exploring every dimension of life. 

            This is nothing less than another masterpiece by Bond. Go ahead and add your own copy of 'A Song of India' in your cart or if you can't wait, go to your nearest bookstore and buy it for yourself!

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