By- Vandana Kataria
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Vandana Kataria


A Town or A Mystery.


This story is of 24 years old jewelry designer Zaara living in Siolim, Goa who loves her work as well as traveling, and like every year, she plans to take a break from work and go to the Trichur Forest, Kerela. Zaara lives separately from her family due to not being more sociable and has almost no friends. As usual, she wants to go alone here too and in the first week of October, Zaara leaves for a two-week trip.

[However, she has heard a lot of scary and bizarre things about Trichur from her colleagues but being a nature lover she was completely fascinated by the beauty of that forest, and hence she couldn't control herself from exploring that.]

The first day of Zaara in Trichur Forest was quite entertaining but she came back only after 5 kilometers of appreciating the view. She took a lot of beautiful pictures there and was happily satisfied with the forest.

But on the second day, due to the rainy weather, at just 4 pm the darkness had tightly captured the sky and in the hurry to reach back, Zaara forgot the way. There was a deserted road, some distance away where Zaara was walking blankly with tired steps in a hope that she would get some kind of help there.

Luckily, after some time she finds a twenty-year-old girl named Faaguni. After seeing Zaara's lost expression and bewildered gesture Faaguni told her-"I think you have lost your way. No problem, my town- Rajpur is just 10 minutes away from here. You can comfortably spend the night there." Zaara thought for a moment and agreed to accept her proposal as there was no other way.

Within 10 minutes of walking both of them reached Rajpur. The town was very well organized, systematic, and good-looking as well. Faaguni took Zaara straight to her home without stopping anywhere. All ten members of the house welcomed Zaara wholeheartedly and gave her a lot of affinity as a member of the house.

Zaara spends the entire evening chatting with Faaguni and her family. After getting mixed up with the people of the house, she even forgets for a while that she used to live alone. All the elders of the house taught Zaara in their own way that 'We don't need to depend on anyone to be happy or live because happiness comes from a person's within and not from outside.' Hearing all this, Zaara gets surprised because till now she hasn't told these people about her personal life. Zaara understood the most important lesson of her life from unknown people so well that she could never be able to understand this even from her own parents.

After the delicious dinner, Zaara goes to sleep with Faaguni, and her sleep that night was so meek and deep that she had not even felt in the last several years.

The next morning at about 9'o clock when Zaara was about to leave, Faaguni's mother stopped her and said,'' Honey, this locket is considered very auspicious for our people and you too are a part of our family now, so take it and never ever forget our town and the people here, Okay!''

''No Aunty, I will never ever forget Rajpur, and thank you very much for this amazing locket and your kind affection.'', after saying this, Zaara leaves the Trichur Forest with the help of Faaguni.

After some days when Zaara was almost finishing her trip, she thought that she should go to Rajpur again and bid a final goodbye to them.

But this time she found a logger of about 50 years old in the forest and when Zaara asked him the way to Rajpur, he said with fearful eyes-''Madam, I have been working here in this forest for the last 30 years but till date, I have never heard of this town.'' Hearing this Zaara felt the biggest shock of her life and she somehow arrives there to prove the logger wrong, but there she found nothing but the empty ground and some trees.

Zaara tells the logger everything that happened to her, the logger consoled her and explained that in a low voice-''Madam, you are not the first person who has seen that town wit the help of a girl, the only difference is that the name of this town keeps changing along with the people. And it is believed that good and kind-hearted people are departed by this town happily but the evil mind gets killed and vanished here mysteriously. Whatever that people of that town have given you as a gift must have been disappeared automatically as they(people) don't want anyone to know the way here.

Zaara searches for that locket but doesn't find it anywhere. she still cannot believe that she has spent the night in a town that doesn't even exist.

After returning to Siolim, Zaara remembers and understood the words, Faaguni's mother said to her because she was actually unable to forget that town as the impact of Rajpur on her life was so positive and full of love.

Even years later, when someone asked Zaara about that mysterious town, she would just smile and say the same thing- ''I don't know if a town with such a name exists or not or the people living there are really alive, but one thing is confirmed that if I ever get a chance to visit Rajpur again then I will stay there forever and ever because the love and affection I felt in just one night, was so unforgettable that I have never felt that surroundings ever and it would not be wrong to say that: THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF RAJPUR IS MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THIS MEANINGLESS EGOCENTRIC WORLD. ISN'T!"

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