By- Pawan Singh
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Pawan Singh


A Walk to the beach

My sleep broke at the crack of dawn and the sun wasn’t peeking through my window. My eyes somehow figured out that the time was between 5 or 6 in the morning.

To my left was my wife who seemed to be in some kind of sleep paralysis. I tried to go back to my dreadful dreams which I was experiencing for the past 2 days but I couldn’t help it. A strong gust of wind blew up the curtain and my eyes caught the beautiful beach in front of our window.

In the next half an hour I was walking lonely on the beach. Something seemed different. My heart was asking for something and obviously, I didn’t had that. Someone was sitting a mile away from me...Well, my eyesight was weak enough without my glasses to convince me that. I walked past her and my senses couldn’t resist but to turn for a moment and look at her. My heart pounded like the drumbeat in a parade does. She felt like someone I’ve known since forever. I think she was feeling the same adrenaline rush like me. Her actions seemed like that because with the blink of my eyes she was standing and approaching towards with me. We didn’t say a single word and just hugged each other. You must be thinking how can two strangers just hug each other out of nowhere but it was not true.

It was the summer of 2010, I had just entered my 20s and my life was getting interesting with each passing day. I still remember that night. I was going back to my hostel after a late-night party and that was the moment when I saw this girl who stood lonely on the road. Her eyes seemed as if they hadn’t seen more fear and terror in their entire life. She wanted to ask for my help but hesitated. I pulled over and asked her if she needed any help. She was quiet for a while. I had never seen such darker eyes with so much light in them. In a very quavering voice, she told me that she got late to catch her bus to her hostel and her phone was dead as well. Without further delay, I asked her if she wanted a lift. I had never heard a more alluring voice in my life. She seemed like the most attractive and ravishing soul I ever encountered. I wanted to talk to her but she seemed too distressed. I don’t know the accurate reasons but that 20-minute ride with her felt like the most happening incident of my life. She got off my bike and came towards me. I just wanted that time to never end but the beautiful things never last forever I guess. A sudden deafening voice cracked through my ears. It was the warden of the hostel. A moment later she was gone.

That was it. The end of my gorgeous love story which ended before even it took existence.

I told her that I went by that hostel an endless number of times but I never saw her.

For the next half an hour she explained to me how her life turned miserable after that vary night. Her parents assumed that I was her boyfriend after which they took her back and got her married the year after.

Yes, this was the second time I felt so heartbroken. First is still the time when I couldn’t know her name 10 years ago. We decided to run away. Runaway from our marriage, our responsibilities our daily lives, and just spend the remaining years of our life together, loving each other. All these years had passed and both of us didn’t even know each other’s names. She said her name was... 

“Jai, Jai wake up its 11 in the morning. We’re supposed to go on the beach remember?”I was in my senses and I knew that what had just happened but still I was praying to God that please don’t make this just another dream for me. After a minute, I finally opened my eyes and I could see my wife in front of me.10 years had passed, I had the most loving and caring wife anyone could ask for yet I still couldn’t forget that girl whom I saw this long ago. I didn’t even know her name yet she was in my memories. I wish I had the courage back then to at least ask her name because even today when someone asks who my first love was…… I have no name but just some mere memories to tell.

I wish I could just tell her how much I love her and how crazy I was for her.


Have a great day ahead people...

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