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Kashish Soni



Hello readers. Welcome back. So through this article, we need to awaken our spiritual thoughts. A life? What is the purpose behind this life? Who is the creator of this universe? Why are we all divided into much diverse creatures? Umm...I guess I could not answer this question. Or maybe other even can not. Yes, people do believe in different ideologies. but, do we know, whom to actually trust? Spirituality does not mean connecting yourself with any religion, but it means to connect yourself to God. It is realizing that there is someone greater than ourselves. A compleltey broad concept with full of different perspectives. It can totally change the thinking of your mind. Our soul is a part of the Supreme Power(God). And uniting our soul with the God's soul is the main motive to reach Sachkhand. Our karma plays an important role hereby. Karma basically means "deed". Both, good karma and bad karma affects our lives in different ways. Good karma and bad karma cannot cancel each other. You have to bear the fruits of both.

Now you must be thinking about the ways of reaching or uniting with God, so let's get into its depth.


Must have heard about this term? Meditation means focusing the whole energy of the body to a point between our eyes, also termed as " the third eye". You can chant any mantra during this practice. In addition, you need to keep all the ongoing thoughts away from your mind. You should start try meditating for 15 minutes during the initial hours. The best time for meditation is early morning either at 4:30 or 5:00 am. Saints practice meditation for long hours in a comfortable sitting position. It can provide you long term benefits too.

1. Keeps your memory strong

2. Makes you feel calm and peaceful

3. Reduces aging

4. Corrects the body posture

5. Helps you appreciate life more

If I could start writing as many I know, then it would never end. So I'm stopping here. But you should not stop practicing the same. God never resides in the idols of the temple; rather God resides inside the heart of the living beings. This does not mean that I am forcing you to stop visiting temple. though, it's a personal choice. Period.


Introspecting/Knowing yourself in a holistic way. The negative and positive sides of yours which comprehends to perform a particular good or bad karma. Instead of asking why questions, you need to ask questions that will help you focus on solutions. You should ask questions like "How to solve this problem" rather than "why does this always happens with me?". You can not change your past. But you can change your present and future, and compose answers to the questions that are positive, insightful, and motivating to you. Positive thoughts can help you in becoming a humble person. One can choose to operate in his/her areas of strength while acknowledging the weaknesses and working upon them.

I would end this article by saying that self-realization is truly important before God's realization.


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