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Unapologetically Imperfect

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Harsh sharma



We often feel euphoric about small things, as we feel gloomy about a few things we face in our day-to-day life. Why do we feel anything we feel, and can we create a feeling or alter them as we wish? Well, the simple answer is yes, there are many tactics available to control our emotions and make them flow according to – our own channel of expectations.

What I do is a bit different from all those approaches, I am a lousy person, lenient and lazy. I wish to commit myself one hundred percent to my routine of meditations, optimistic thinking and daily dose of physical exercise, as I wish to commit myself to healthy eating and many more things too. However, being pragmatic, I am young and my lifestyle is not so settled. Every day is new, every day is different. I try, but it is difficult to schedule everything when all you want is to explore life to the fullest.

The consciousness of human mind is hard to attain, and our mind is often compared as a vessel, we can hold things in it rather create it. We hold joy and sorrow; we hold memories of love and hate and we hold peace and grudges. What we can hold is upon us, as what we should absorb within. Sadhguru says we are perplexed and distorted in the chaos; all we need is acceptance of reality to be absorbed within the mind to find tranquillity.

What I do for my emotional balance?

What I am going to write is what I feel that works and is what is personally do in my life whenever I feel low. I recite a few quotes and deeply analyze their meanings. First is – ‘this too, shall pass.’ It is a thoughtful quote, and there is a very interesting story behind it. In addition, the story is – there was a king wealthier than the whole world combined, and his territory acquires all the land till where eyes can see. And his heart lies in a ring that his father gave him at the time of his demise. He called his minister and asked him to write something on the ring that will make him sad when he’s happy and make him happy when he’s sad. After a month, the minister came back with words – ‘this too, shall pass.’ So, whenever king saw the ring, if he was sad, he felt joy that this too will pass and he will be happy again, the same goes when he was happy and saw the ring. This quote is powerful and helps me smile again with strength every time I read it.

The next quote is – ‘not everybody matters’. He often stuck in a crossroad where we think what others will think about us if we will do this or try this and all. To be clear, it is your life. We all have a life, and it revolves around us. It is like a movie, we are the hero or you can say a director of this movie, we film it we live it and we SHOULD enjoy every part of it. You own it, and only you have the sole responsibility for your happiness.

After these two quotes, you can have strength to take a decision and stand firm to fight the battles of your life, but will they give you peace? Well to an extent they will.

What else can you do?

We can ABSORB. Yes, we can absorb everything. The ground beneath our feet, try grasping it with comfort, inhale deep breath and feel you own it. Try now, touch anything to absorb it, to absorb the positivity of materialistic truths around you and to accept. Acceptance is important, subconsciously we start inhaling comparatively less amount of air when we are anxious. This is the moment, the only moment to admire beauty around you, to absorb the beauty and dwell in every part of it, to accept that you are here, in this situation is the first step to walk out of it, or to live it to the fullest.

In Bhagwat Gita, Sri Krishna said – ‘when a problem is born, it’s solution is also born with it. All you must do is to have faith and outlive the problem with a smile.’

You have strength and power within you, all what you need from the world lies inside you. All the happiness and desires and materialistic possessions can be replaced by the true consciousness and you have to find it. Go seek it within yourself, explore the cosmic transition and fabrication that holds this universe.

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