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Addiction and the reality of it


What is addiction?

There have been a lot of definitions regarding addiction but the most suitable and apt definition can be that addiction is a type of dysfunction of the brain which involves reward, motivation, and memory. It is basically the urge which emerges inside someone to do a particular thing for a reward without thinking about the consequences or having any concerns regarding it.

Someone who is an Addict will:

  • Lack any kind of self-control
  • Stay in denial that their behavior might be causing others problems.
  • Lack any kinds of emotions
  • Won’t be able to stay away from that particular substance

Types of Addictions

According to a survey 1 in every 3rd person is addicted to something or the other. The most well-known and serious addiction in the modern era is to Drugs and Alcohol. Every 1 in 10 people in America is addicted to both of them. ⅔ of these addicted people also abuse alcohol.

Some of these addictions are:

  • Cocaine
  • Narcotics or painkillers
  • Nicotine 
  • THC in marijuana

Addictions can destroy the lives of people and many times they destroy families because of their negative effects. But the question arises whether addiction can be of any use?

Addictions can be used to convert your problems into solutions and there are many ways to do them. In order to bring a positive and healthy addiction in yourself you should keep the following things in mind:

  • It should be something that is non-competitive in nature and you can give it a limited time per day without any concerns.
  • You should consider it something of value like it should be physical or virtual for you.
  • It is something which you have the capability to do easily without putting a lot of mental effort into it.
  • You may or may not do it with others as it should not depend on others to finish it.

Addiction is not completely negative as it sometimes is very useful in achieving your dreams and goals. As mentioned in the above points you can use addiction to get addicted to particular stuff which can be beneficial for you. Let’s prove it with some examples.

  • If you want to excel in any sport then you may get addicted to practicing it until perfection. It will benefit you a lot.
  • You can always get into the addiction of thinking. Thinking is never harmful until and unless people start to assume and predict it in their head.
  • Procrastinating is a strict no-no as it affects a lot on your schedule and plans. Addiction comes in handy at this place as it gives you an urge to complete that particular task instead of procrastinating it.
  • Addiction gets out the laziness inside you as it motivates and forces you to relax only after completing what you started and got addicted to. Hence, it is mandatory to implement healthy addiction in your life.

Like everything, Addiction also has its own pros and cons. On one hand, people get destroyed, ruined, and disturbed because of certain addictions to harmful substances whereas, on the other hand, many people get addicted to their hard work and convert the negativity of addiction to something very positive.

Getting an addiction is not bad until you make it.

We only live once so don’t waste these valuable and precious years of your life after something which has no benefit for you. 

Addiction can be both a disastrous end or a step towards greatness.

The decision is yours to take.

Thank you!


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