By- Sumit Raj Jha
Engineering student

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Sumit Raj Jha


Advantages and Disadvantages of Humanoid Robots.

We can see Science and technology is progressing day by day. Robot is a one thing every person is excited about. Computer is also a robot, but a humanoid robot is a something which fascinates or attracts everyone. Everyone thinks that when Humanoid Robots come into use in future all work will be easy. But, there are many demerits too of these robots. In this article I am going to mention some advantages and disadvantages.

Humanoid Robots are robots whose structure is like humans, they can behave as humans too. But, they have zero I.Q. like computers. They need a particular program for particular function. Androids resemble male humans while Gynoids resemble female humans.

Now let us see Humanoid Robot's uses:

USES: They can be used anywhere like office, MNC's, as a Driver, waiter in a restaurant and many more fields. They can do their works more efficiently and quicker as compared to humans. They can't complain about their work. In news, they were showing that in South India a Robot is working as a waiter in a restaurant. It was doing it's work nicely without any error.

Now let's see advantages of Humanoid Robots.


  • They are perfectly designed like humans, they also have hands, legs, mouth and they can even speak like humans. They can exactly replicate human gestures.
  • They can perform any activity that we humans can, like performing experiments, doing research, working in offices and many more things.
  • They can give company to humans like some people feel alone and want someone to talk and spend time. A humanoid robot is a perfect companion as they will listen us and they will not judge us. They will be giving their true opinion and advices not fake like humans.
  • They can be used in educational fields like they can teach students either and school or colleges. Unlike humans they will not get frustrated easily and can teach students efficiently without any violence.
  • They can be used in military like they can use their sensors to gather information and can spread a message to multiple persons more efficiently.
  • They can be used as workers in factories as they will not get tired nor they will complain about their work. Just charge them and they will do almost double the work as compared to humans.
  • They can be useful in increasing economy of a country.

Besides these advantages there are some disadvantages too. Let's see some disadvantages.


  • Humanoid robots are very expensive and the more advanced robot will be more expensive. Middle class and lower class families will not be able to buy them.
  • They can perform many errors in their work if there is even a small error in the program feeded into Humanoid Robots.
  • They can be responsible for unemployment at it's peak. As everyone will use robots for their official or business tasks and many people will be unemployed.
  • They can't be operated properly by people who are less knowledgeable in terms of technology like our parents who aren't updated about latest technologies and older people.
  • If Humanoid Robots overtakes middle class and lower class family's jobs then, our economy will be affected negatively.

CONCLUSION: Humanoid Robots can be assets for humans but can also be a responsible for things which are not good for humans. In Movies, wee observe that "Robots has evil mind, they rule on humans and kills them. Then, only robots gets left in the world and they rule the whole world". I don't think that this can ever happen as they works on programms and they can't do opposite to program. If this can happen then it will just because of humans.

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