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Ananya singh


After school to college


School and college life has always been the best and fulfilling moments of ours. By the time we grow old, we still cherish in remembering our school and college days because they both have same sweet and lovely memories. While school life is a bit childish but in college we tend to get an all round perspective of our future and personality as well.So , I think most of you may have guessed the topic of my article.Yes a review of school and college life .

>Passive learners’ in school and active learners’ in college While in school our teachers really push us to get good grades and a well maintained record of our high school, while in college our professors are keen on making us active learner’s . They don’t get over or rarely push us to get good grades .

> college means diverse environment

while in school , we meet friends who live by close proximity to our houses . So we generally are aware of their culture and accent. But in college we not only meet friends who are from different states of the country but also from other countries. So we get to experience a lot of diversity in college which in fact brings up a more enriched personality.

>school requires restrictions and boundaries.

while in school there always exist a strong discipline of attendance and uniform. We need to be well versed with the disciplinary action of school on breaking a record. But in college we are quite free as there is quite less compulsion of attendance and uniform as such.

So these were some of the review from my side on the differences in the lives of school and college. I really can’t differentiate between them on account of which one would be the best but I can definitely assure you that whenever someone would ask you to relive the past, you are gonna definitely say school or college life , because it is one of the amazing phase of our life which we could cherish, which we could love but alas can’t revisit back.

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