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Shaurya Vardhan


Alert ! Is your privacy at Risk

Reality Check

Few days ago we got to know that WhatsApp changed its privacy policies, and says that user's data(WhatsApp user's chats )will be used for the betterment of services provided by big and small businesses. This means that user's data will be given to third parties other that WhatsApp. Few years back Facebook also did the same thing , it changed its privacy policy and started using users facebook chats many times you have seen in the news that Facebook's data was leaked.Probably this would have happened due to these unecesaary changes in privacy policies.

So is our data safe? I would like to say no, because till now we used to consider WhatsApp as the safest. Before that, Facebook was considered the safest. And Before facebook , we used to use the mobile messenger which was not pocket friendly at all , money was deducted on every message made, and then our recharged balance was also reduced.But from the time the internet messaging services came, we started thinking its secure and free as well as economical.Since then we got used to it , but as we all see that our privacy is under attack. So is the time coming back where we have to pay for every message . Yes, this day will also come when you and we have to pay for every message. Nowadays, every business has a greed to become big and will do anything to become big and they can also put the data of the general public at risk for that.

Well, it will not be surprising that a new business will come and it may assure the people that give us money and we will keep your all kind of information safe including your transactions details and personal chats. Everything will remain encrypted.

By the way, there are a lot of applications on the Play Store that work exactly like WhatsApp and you can trust them in terms of privacy, such as Signal app . This app exactly works like WhatsApp , and it is end to end to encrypted. And other applications is Telegram.

I hope you find this article useful.

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