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Ashwika Maria


An overview on art as an occupation

"Art is a wide, deep ocean that widens as we explore it."

It is not an easy task to take up art as an occupation. Especially because of the society's perspective towards the career opportunities in arts and the lesser exposure we have to those career opportunities. But it is not an impossible task, right ?

The Struggle

We all know a lot of artists out there, who have taken art as their career, shining bright in the limelight. We might also be fans of many. But we know very little about the struggles they have faced from the day one till today.

The biggest struggle an artist can face is disbelief of most loved ones. During the early age itself, they find it really difficult for them to convince their family to believe in them. Most of the budding artists give up due to opposition from family and choose some other career opportunities. But there will be a few who ignore others' opinions and work for their dream. In that case, almost 70 percent of their problems are solved.

The next problem they face is self doubt. This is the worst enemy for an artist. It can destroy even a really talented artist and make them a zero. They will face it each moment in their career. They require a lot of inspiration and self confidence to come out of it.

The Process

The greatest threat for an artist is not getting recognition for their work and being compared to others. It is high time that we start to recognise the efforts they make to give us the best. At least we should support real talents and thus motivate them. We need to appreciate their efforts. This can help them improve their career with increased confidence.

The Outcome

It is really a hard task for artists to earn from their artworks. Due to a long crowd of talented people, a large number of them don't get enough opportunities to showcase their talents. People mostly go behind well established artists which makes the beginner's task even more difficult. Artists should try to make more acquaintance with influential people and already established ones who can help them in showcasing their talents in front of the public. Beginners won't find it easy to earn much at first. But as people start recognising your talents, earning would be easier.

At last it is not about earning. It is about the recognition and appreciation for our work. In the case of talented people, it is not a hard task since people, even if late, do acknowledge the efforts. Which is really evident from the already established artists. Even they were beginners, who were recognised by people after a lot of struggle.

The Conclusion

Like every other occupation, arts also requires struggle. Struggle is the manure for our talents. So, we should not give up when problems arise. Problems are a part of life. And the fruit will surely be sweet.

If you can get happiness in whatever you do, it is success. It is not always money that matters.

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