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Vandana Kataria


Anger : The Villain of All Relationships


Hello Readers,

Today I am going to discuss with all of you a very common topic that is probably related to the life of every human being because either the person is suffering from it or he/she has been a victim of it for years. Yes, I am talking about Anger and everyone knows that no one has ever left from it. But today we will see how Anger kills a beautiful relationship.

(And by relationship in this article, I mean every kind of relationship, they can be friends, parents, siblings, or lovers, because when love is in every relationship then why should Anger be present between only two lovers. Right!)

Suppose that you love and trust someone madly and that person also loves you a lot, but one day, on an ordinary topic, that person rages on you like fire and then...then everyone knows the story after that. After that, there are major and serious differences in that relationship, talking to each other regarding anything stops, and they both have to pretend that everything is perfect between them. But is everything really okay?

I too have been the victim of this senseless anger for many...many years, where I had to face someone's rage without any fault or any offense, as we all know that in every relationship, where one person is an Angry Bird, the other will always compromise and sacrifice. And over time, this anger kills that beautiful relationship with the help of some weapons called self-respect and ego.

These man-made artificial viruses like Anger, Misunderstanding, Confusion, Jealousy, and Argument over silly things try very hard to kill or end every relation and we lose...we lose without using our brain and eventually become a victim of this virus. Just think about it that what will happen when the person who is about to get angry, just say this "I think we need to discuss this matter seriously", so neither the argument will increase nor there will be any kind of World War and hence the matter will be settled easily. But unfortunately, we all know, what really happens.

So will all these things continue like this forever? Will, that angry bird always keeps getting angry? or the person who is innocent will always compromise?

This Anger has broken so many relationships till now, still breaking and will continue to break, but how long will all this continue, and is there any way to get rid of this or not?

The foundation of every relationship should be on the basis of understanding and if this foundation is missing then even a tiny childish argument can break it easily.

So the Angry people should think once, just once with a cool mind that anger should have a reason as the work done without any purpose is indeed worthless. It's better to understand the whole situation with a cool mind than to get angry about pretty small things. Precious and Rare relationships in life met with luck so insist yourself more on understanding and protecting them calmly than destroying it completely with your senseless rage.

And those who are compromising, do not always have to stay like this forever. Stop finding a dark corner to cry or to feel worthless just because a person(you love the most) is getting angry with you all the time. You just have to get away from that person's surroundings for some time and after that just politely present all the matter on your behalf in front of your Angry Bird.

In the end, if all the differences go away and the situation also comes under control, then without wasting a single moment just embrace each other, coz, believe it or not, the vibes of two people bring courage to both, to protect and strengthen the relationship between them once again.

And at last, Angry Birds should remember one thing that-"Control your Anger, don't let the anger control you. If you are mad, don't say anything that you'll regret later. If you can't say anything nice, don't say it. Calm Down and then do whatever you have to do after that."

Thank You!

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