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How Arabian culture adapted itself to modern world?



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It is known that we are living in a modern world. Today most of our society carries western culture. The old tradition disappeared due to the arrival of the same.


Now, let's talk about an amazing culture i.e.Arabian culture.


Arabian culture is usually practiced by thep peopleof Saudi Arab. It can be considered a mesmerizing culture. Arab culture is very famous for its hospitality. Besides their faith, family is the second most important element to Arabs. The elder male member is the head of the family.

The family structure is tight-knit and is one of the major determining factors of personal status. They adopt a saying "As god wills it” instead of refusing to anyone. Most probably, people never refuse any request.

But as nothing is perfect here also comes the key areas where the Arab culture required improvements.

Like, contact between males and females in public were bounded. Handshakes were most common greetings.

Men were restricted to wear shorts. Women were not allowed to wear sleeveless. Only use the right hand to eat, touch and present gifts. Arabs has a habit to talk politely. Double meaning is common in conversations. Hospitality, friendliness, and generosity to strangers are an expression of sacred duties. Appearing hurry in front of any Arab is considered offensive. Asking from a man about his wife or any other female member of his family is considered disrespectful.


If we view around us then there is nothing like this.

All here needed was the widening of mentality of citizens living there; which is what actually happened too.

Now there is a curiosity that how Arabian

culture managed to adapt modern world?


Arabian culture modifies itself with time. In recent years, we have seen a lot of innovations and development. Due to various efforts, the time for social equality of women came in existence. By the application of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, save girl child and many more schemes.

Now, females are no more sticked to their households. They are allowed to stand

with men in the field of profession. The era of equality has emerged all around us. That culture was followed due to the old thinking of the Arabs.

Now, everyone is educated and view the discriminations as an irrelevant thing. In every field, women are capable of competing with men. Therefore, the mentality of the Arabs developed over time and they understood it clearly that contact between men and women is required to have a balanced growth of the society. Everything does not changed instantly but it changed in such a way that if we look back in the history. It seems like two totally different cultures.

Arabian culture still exists in the world but it exists in a purified way. Now, women can wear clothes according to their wish. The head of the family is still elder male members but now the advice of younger ones is also considered relevant. Arabian culture is very famous for its loyalty and hospitality in past as well as in present.

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