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Riya bhati



Everywhere I go I always find small kids as young as 2-3 years old hooked to phone watching cartoons, playing games on it and their parents siting next to them as dumb spectators and giving no concern about their kids using phone at such a young age.

using phone has lots of negative physical and psychological effects on a child. physically, it children's eyesight start becoming weak at a really young age. Their bones aren't very strong because of less physical activity. Their immunity power becomes low because of lack of exposure to their surrounding and kids ends up falling sick easily. mentally kids are less curious to know about things, exposed to inappropriate content at young age and ends up losing innocence's of a child faster than they should. their brain isn't sharp enough to perform tough mental day to day function and getting all the answers or should I say everything from phone makes them develop a feeling of being safe only when they can depend upon someone. kids by this time has lost their individuality they are just another version of what they have seen on phone.


I recently came across a picture on social media where a man and a child were reading a book and in the caption it was written "children do what you do" so true right !!!

how many times have you seen your parents reading?

I have never seen my parents reading on the other hand I have been told endless time how I am wasting my time by reading all these novels.

so theory in INDIA is you don't read, you don't let people read

For Indian parents all the knowledge is gained through IIT AND NEET BOOKS, what is literature, what is fiction, what is constructive reading, what is art, what is culture, what is world if it's not silicon valley or a big MNC, what is reading for pleasure, what is a child who is reading about all these beautiful people, places, phenomena's, love story and trying to bloom his mind into something really beautiful.

Nothing, sorry but it doesn't count..................

I believe in unconscious behavior pattern. we don't even know what we are unconsciously becoming after hearing in last 2-3 years I am pretty sure when I will see a person around me reading along with feeling happy I will be really concerned if he or she or they are actually giving their time to reading IIT AND NEET books and despite knowing what joy reading can bring I will be telling them how they should not overdo it and some of them will actually take my advice seriously and keep those books away to invest their time in something productive and later these kids will be found doing something really productive in life like playing PUBG whole day isn't that cool?

Okay keeping sarcasm aside if we really want our future generation to read more than change has to start from parents . we have to teach them and they have to realize the benefit of reading so that they themselves willingly give books to their children and help them grow harmoniously.

To make my point more convincing let me tell you the main benefits of reading :

1 You are learning new words everyday

2 It improves memory, so you retain things longer

3 Done for pleasure, sometimes you read just to have a happy day

4 you are well versed in wide range of topics

5 the more you can sit and read for a healthy duration of time, the more your focus or attention span improves

And all these benefits just point to one thing which is holistic development of a child because none of these characteristics are such which can be skipped if you want your child to bloom and we can start by assuming books as something which are "POWERHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE" and not something which waste time.

SUMMING UP - so if you want any country to read you have to make the adults of that country read so that kids can imitate them and learn from them.

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