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Are relationships a waste 0f time ?

Reality Check

The answer to this question comes out by what are you expecting from your relationships and from your loved ones. Their are more factors which will help you out of this situation if you find out what you are actually going through.

Types of feelings when we think that I should get in a relationship with this girl/boy.

  1. Attraction
  2. Physical attraction
  3. Like
  4. Love
  5. Addiction
  6. Age

Depending on all the above factors we think to come in relationship with a person.

Attraction and physical attraction are a bit interrelated. We are just bored of our loneliness and to sooth us for this feeling we start finding a partner who would always be their on our side to spend(waste) time. So to just speak out our problems, our feelings, our thoughts, we need someone to hear. And when we find such a person who is ready to listen to our stuff, we make them listen each and every thing of our day to day life slowly it become a routine and then that day come when due to some reason their is a communication gap between you two and then you feel totally helpless and incomplete. This thing is slowly and steadily getting addicted to a person just because of your routine talks. Here their is neither love nor a healthy relationship. It's just a dependency. Don't rely on anyone it hurts a lot later.

like” this is the words which lies between love and relationship. Take and example of a pretty flower. We like the most beautiful flower in a garden, instead of watering that plant we pluck that flower just to reduce its life. Same happens here we like a person so much that we propose them without considering the circumstances and then their comes that day “a plucked flower” you ruin your friendship in between love and like.

Age 16–20 we love a lot of various dynamic personalities but we have no time to find out that our immature mind is just in the influence of that personality and not in love with the actual person. This is the time when we get to see the real world after passing highschool. And we just want to enjoy our freedom and try to do each and every possible thing which were restricted previously. So unaware of feelings, falling in the challenges we make a move and get into a relationship. And then we come to know how much we need to sacrifice to keep our relationships working. The stronger ones stay while the weaker ones give up.


Honestly during the age of 16–18(immatured age) their's nothing known as love !!!! Their is this thing called as addiction, liking, bets, ego, infatuation and many more which forces us to get in a relationship.

Actual love only happens when The person we are with help us grow towards our dreams and goals instead of asking lavish gifts, luxuries and sacrifices such are the one which are worth to get entangled with. Grow together and build an empire instead of one struggling to fulfill the wishes of another.

Love is in the air !!! Just we need to inhale and most importantly exhale also !! 

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