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Are Romeo and Juliet a Perfect Instance for today's world

Reality Check

Romeo and Juliet, play by William Shakespeare, written about 1594‚Äď96, and an unauthorized quarto appeared in 1599, substantially longer and more reliable. A third quarto, based on the second, was used by the editors of the First Folio of 1623. The characters of Romeo and Juliet have been depicted in literature, music, dance, and theatre. The appeal of the young hero and heroine‚ÄĒwhose families, the Montague and the Capulet respectively, are implacable enemies‚ÄĒis such that they have become, in the popular imagination, the representative type of star-crossed lovers.

Well, we are talking about the play Romeo and Juliet where they fell for each other at first sight. 

I'm not saying that it's related to the real-life love story but some of us might agree with this statement because this love story can closely relate to our modern love. I can define modern love in just one word, that powerful word that holds the whole as one is 'love.'  

Well, many of you would be thinking that how we can relate this to true love. Let me tell you that I have thousands of reasons that why we can say it, true love, as in it is a modern world. 

The first reason how this is true love is there two characters in this love story, the feeling falls in love at the first sight or feel romantic love towards each other and you would be thinking that how this is related to modern love stories, yes, because most loving couples feel this today too, falling in love at the first sight. I know that many of you count it as obsession, lust, and whatnot. Many people disrespect somebody's feelings by just saying that it's not love but lust, obsession.  

Here goes my second reason for this love story is they had to hide their feelings, affection from the world. Because many people just confess their feelings when they are around people but hiding their love is kind of pain , you're holding to yourself and many of us fails to do this. Even now in this modern world people hide their love just beautiful of fear of losing that loved one.

My third reason for this is that at the end ,they stood up for each other against the whole world without even a single thought of dying. And in this story of Romeo and Juliet talks about the way that their love ended tragically means they sacrificed each other for proving their love. Well ,in today's world too people sacrifice their everything just to be with their loved ones even if it's cost their lives.

I believe that their love story is somewhat similar to today's love and the way they experienced their love for each other. 

So, as we all have read about their love story ,they both fell for each other unknowingly that's how we fall in love. They both experienced eros(passionate love) ,and a kind of love , attraction towards each other. now this can relate to our modern world that is also full of emotions ,love and affection. As we can in today's world in the way of married couple first feels together. Married couple typically ,love each other to the moon and back this means that they love each other externally.

And this kind of love is also shown in the Romeo and Juliet love story ,the way they enjoy the exchange of joy and happiness ,when Romeo and Juliet got married by Friar. Romeo says , "Amen ,Amen. That one short minut gives me in her sight. Then love - devouring death do what he dare, and then Juliet says, Romeo then ask her to express her happiness in words. Juliet was happy to be with her love so she replied with love ," Conceit, more rich in matter than in words. They are but beggars that can count their worth. I am so happy to know that my true love has grown to such excess.  

And the way they hide their feelings of love and relationship from the public eyes. Hiding their relationship was more like a pain they were holding in themselves so that they could not get in to the trouble. They were so many scenes that show how hidden their relationship was that put Romeo to face his death. 

The few lines said by the Romeo : it was the lark , who sings to greet the dawn ,not the night angle. My love look at the streaks illuminating the clouds party in the East, and night is over. Days creeping over the mountain tops. I must leave in order to live. If I stay I'll die. These lines shows us that, this was the true love they were in.  

This is similar to the idols ,they also have to hide their relationship they have feelings for the person, if they do not ,they get punished if they are found in one .

This is something that most of the school going children do. They hide their relationship because of its other partner's will. This is tough for the lovers sometimes ,as we see in the love story of Romeo and Juliet, it brings them a lot pain and sufferings.Now this is all of my reasons for why I believe Romeo and Juliet's love story is similar to the modern day experience of love. In this story of Romeo and Juliet feel fall deeply in love and that's how it can relate to the modern or today's world love or relationship. This is beautiful to fall in love. If we truly love someone then we have to go through lot of pain and sufferings as we all see nowadays , people find it difficult to hide their affection just because of people's thinking or perspective on love. as in the love story of Romeo and Juliet the word hide their loving relationships that Romeo wouldn't be killed. And that's how we feel pain in love and love in pain.

At last , I would put a full stop to this write up by after just saying few lines about love. 

Love is a feeling , not obsession 

If there any bad ending in any drama or a love story or even in real life then we do think that love is not a good thing or I don't believe in true love and think like true love don't exist in modern world. No. You are absolutely wrong. Love is very pure , we people insult this wonderful affection by just showing fake feelings for someone. Love is wonderful ,once you feel fall in love with somebody. Believe in love.

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