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Tanya srivastava


Are u afraid of dark | book review📚📚 | No spoilers


So i read this book 3 month ago and didn't remember a single thing.

Genre:- murder mystery

To be honest i enjoyed the book at that time that why on goodreads i have given this book 3 star ,which is pretty decent . lets discuss the plot first

-In New York ,Denver, Paros and Berlin four peoplw have died separately in apparent accident.

Two women find them under ruthless attack and thrown together in fear and for mutual protection .But are they being targeted because one of them is the prosecution witness at a famous criminal trial?or there is connection to the mystery of their husband's death?

So if we talk about writing it was easy to read . You can get through this book pretty easily . i was not into the story that much around first 120 pages. when the mystery part was reviled i was not mindblown or shocked. At some point of time i was bored .So its a pretty light read for me , you can pick this book if you are beginner in murder mystery genre.

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