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Riya bhati


Are women's less hesitant to get abortion nowadays ? ?


Abortion is the medical termination of pregnancy or where a foetus is removed from the body through medical procedure.

Out of 195 countries in the world only 56 countries allow abortion. In india you can abort the baby in first 20 weeks on medical or therapeutic grounds after that it becomes illegal to abort the baby.

In this article i will be talking about lot's of sides and time period to explain realities of abortion better .

Abortion are considered sin in almost all religions and in society like INDIA it's considered a big crime but this never stopped people from engaging in female infanticide but keeping it aside since abortion is supposed to be a taboo doctors aren't properly trained to perform it at least this was the case few decades ago but now a days medical technology is getting better. Doctor's and peoples are realising the mental and physical effect a pregnancy has on a women. So they are more supportive of their choice of aborting the baby in case they don't feel ready for it .

Now a days woman's are economically self sufficient and career driven so unplanned pregnancy are sometimes a cause of worry for them but the fact being independent in terms of money and better health care had made them more comfortable in the chair of decision maker in case they decide to not continue the pregnancy.

So on one hand while we see strong independent women's less scared of abortions and actually utilising the benefits of advancement of medical technology and change in societies thinking.

We also have women's who are as young as 20-21 , college going girls who ended up getting pregnant on the pretext of false promises from their lovers, unprotected passionate night of lovemaking or due to lack of knowledge about the consequences of sex agreed to unprotected love making .

What do these women's do ?

They can't go to their families because in INDIA if you do anything which will bring shame to family girls are stopped from going out, getting an education and married off as soon as possible. So the only option left for these womens is to go to some shady clinics with really poor doctors and ends up getting some infections or some medical complications which makes tough for these womens to get pregnant in future and in some rare cases women's end up dying too.

So we see two things here yes getting an abortion has became easy but definitely not safe for everyone.

I personally feel womens the moment they reach puberty should be given info about sex, how to have protected sex and risks of having unprotected sex and this information should be given in all sort of schools urban, rural, high class etc.

The government should start and make abortion clinics accessible and provide best facilities to womens who want to go through abortion at a very nominal price. These clinics should have best doctors.

One of the most important thing which should be done is to make sure that the women's who are getting abortion should stay anonymous and government should come up with laws which ensures that while leaving no stone unturned and no place for any mistake.

The gist of this article for me is abortion has became easy and accessible but not for all along with that women's should be given proper sex education and made aware what their bodies go through during abortion and pregnancy.

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