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Hello dear readers! Welcome back!

Hope you all are doing well and finding new ways to enhance yourself:)

So, today I am here with an another article .i.e., 

Are you satisfied with your life? What do you demand more?

There is no ultimate answer to this question, 'satisfaction' is variable in nature .i.e., it is not consistent as it keeps on changing, there are many times when I am satisfied and there are many times when I am not.

What according to you is satisfaction?

Are you always satisfied?

Abraham H. Maslow, a famous U.S. psychologist in 1943.

According to his theory, a person has countless needs and the satisfaction of the person is based on these needs. If one need is satisfied, another need emerges in that place. He proposed that human needs can be classified into 5 categories according to the priority of the person, also known as 'hierarchy of needs'.

1.Basic needs

Basic needs includes air, water, food, shelter, clothing and other necessities. Basic needs comes before all the other needs as it is the basis for survival of a human life.

2.Security needs

Once the basic needs are fulfilled another need arises .i.e., security needs. Security needs includes two main aspects .i.e., physical safety and economic security. Physical safety includes security against illness, fire, accidents, dacoity and others. Economic security means having adequate money to meet future expenses.

3.Social needs

This needs includes affection, acceptance, a sense of belongingness and the most important .i.e, friendship. It is very important because if social needs are not satisfied, it can cause mental and physical health problems.

4.Ego needs

Ego needs includes the need for autonomy status, self-respect and recognition. When the basic, safety and social needs are fulfilled then people start demanding recognition for themselves. It is a satisfaction which leads to confidence and prestige.

5 Self- Actualisation

Self-Actualisation refers to the needs which includes growth and self-attainment. This need is satisfied when people take initiative to become what they are capable of becoming.

When I was in class tenth I wanted to score good percentage so that I could get admission in commerce stream and when I scored good and got commerce, I was satisfied at that time but that satisfaction was for very short term as after that I wanted  to score good in class 12th so that I could get admission in Delhi University and I really got good percentage and a very good college, so I am a bit satisfied right now but there is something that I demand more from my life .i.e., a well-settled career and for that I want to give my all and I am trying my best.

Thank you:)

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