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Art of Positive Thinking


What is positive thinking:

Positive thinking is an attribute of the human mind to see the positive in every situation. Positive thinking does not that comes instinctively as humans are accustomed to evaluating the negatives in every circumstance to protect themselves from upcoming danger. positive thinking is an active process that requires eliminating negative perceptions consciously.

From being a frequent user on the world wide web, you must have come across the quote ' Everything happens for a reason', sometimes the reason might be a negative or positive response to the manifestation by a human.

Positive thinking is not only relevant for attracting good people, it also helps reduce stress and keeping sanity. Most of the worries people have grown into anxieties because of overthinking and unnecessary worries, because of negative thinking. In the era, when one in every four people suffer from some sort of mental illness, positive thinking can help reduce the unnecessary worries out of mind.

Why positive thinking is important:

  • Manifestation: in his book, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, tells the secret of the power of manifesting. The active attraction of happiness and positive thinking attracts good luck and happiness.
  • To start a great day: starting your day with a thought of positivity, help stimulate positive environment, which is an ideal situation to start a day.
  • To prevent mental health issues in the future.
  • To make society a better place by looking at the bright side and forgiving the negative thoughts and people.

How to have positivity in life:

When angry take a deep breath and read the situation, blurring out negative comments will never draw a positive conclusion.

  • Talk to people: talking to people when we are sad helps significantly in avoiding negative thoughts.
  • Read books: reading is the solution to any possible problem in the world. Although the idea of positive mental attitude was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich in 1937, the concept of positive thinking was generalised by Norman Vincent Peale. Norman has written 15 + books on positive thinking and its effect. These books can help in taking the first step towards a positive outlook.
  • Be a child: the mind of children is unbiased and unaffected by the circumstances of the world. Sometimes it's good to have that mindset to enjoy and live life to the fullest.
  • Happy playlist: more often than once, we all have pretended to be in a music video in a lifetime while listening music, that's because the music we listen to does affect our life and our standpoint to the society. Listening to happy coming music will keep you positive.
  • Avoid drama: don't pick unnecessary fights when you are in a foul mood, don't enjoy drama in other people's lives, which brings nothing but negativity and attract problems.
  • Change habits: changing habit of criticising people, judging people on their lifestyle choices is part of manifesting that judgement into your life. Accept and appreciate all aesthetics.
  • Appreciate all things: have you ever appreciated the orange in the sky at sunset? or white butterflies? If not, start today.
  • Change your vocabulary and try using lesser negative affirmations, More of Yes and less of No's.
  • Don't fret over small things: humans have a habit of analysing, correcting and fixing every smallest detail in life for the purpose control. Don't fret over insignificant things, recognise the bigger picture.
  • Have faith: even if you're not religious, have confidence in the balanced universe. Every bad day is replaced by a good one.
  • Treat people with kindness. and,
  • Relax.

Positive thinking attracts a positive audience. Nobody wants to have dull people in their life, radiating positive energy is a guarantee to bring you success. Ergo, keep a happy and happening outlook

Thank you!

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