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Art vs Design: A Perennial Debate

What is art?

The question is difficult to answer but easier to understand, as we all know what it is. Anything in this world can be called ‘Art’. However, we categorize art in forms, someone be artist because they paint, someone might be because they draw, someone can be artist with dishes and someone can be artist by clicking pictures. However, what is the exact definition of art?

Art consists of a wide variety of patterns and emotional context that illuminates the mind, and makes it curious at the same time.

What is design?

Are they different from art? Are they a form of art?

Well, design is a more sophisticated approach to solve problems, creatively express and use resources in the best chosen way possible.

We can understand the difference between art and design as when a writer writes a play, he is artistically expressing the emotional context of circumstances with whirls of his own mind, however when an actor performs the play and follows the script, he is following the design patterns.

Design is the mind looking for answers, whereas art is the voice of the soul.

Design is a conclusive form of creative problem tactic and art is ecstatic. Art can be abstract, art can be without form, without name, without need, without any conclusion.

Design is an interactive, accessible form of variations.

Art is surreal imagination, design is expectation meeting creative solutions, combining pragmatic-aesthetic approaches.

Design also focuses on functionality, user-experience, sophistication and objectivism.

Why do people need art?

Art is a form of expression, a question, a whirl of curiosity and like a flowing cosmetic abstraction; art is needed for recording the emotions, portraying it for others to observe.

Best thing about art, it does not come with a conclusion, a closure. When you look at a painting, or read a book; the painting’s meaning or the character’s appearance is in your mind, unique, like we all are.

Art is also a form of conversation. We express our thoughts over a blank canvas with all possible imagination for others to conclude and understand what it means.

Art is needed for critical and creative development of the human mind too.

Why is design needed in society?

Design lays out a focused, objective approach. It helps lay out a plan, like a blueprint before and while developing something that helps modifying or making any problem sorted. Design, when creatively and sophisticatedly used, can reduce the redundancy rate, make life easier, optimistically use resources and mitigate risks.

Design is where art and creativity meet scientific and objective approach.

Art and Design are two different, but none can exist without another. In this free world, both art and design are important for humans as we must ask questions and at the same time ask for pragmatic solutions too. Apart from the differences, creativity is the link that binds them together. Without creativity, there can be no art, as there can be no design.

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