By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah




Birth and death are beginning and end of the movie called life. You must be wondering what’s the climax- CHOICES. Yes! Choices are the thing which decide how our life will be.

“Life is matter of choice and every choice you make makes you.”

It’s our choice which help us to live life we want to live and be a person we desire. It doesn’t matter if we choose right or wrong, life will keep unfolding regardless.  Choices act as captain of our ship, which decide where we are up to. Choices can change direction and destination of our life. You are what you are now because of choices. As said earlier the captain of our ship is choice, but we need to be careful while thinking of short term gain don’t undermine the presence of glaciers you will encounter. Glaciers destroy our life, being addicted to negative thinking or drugs will feel great for short term, will give short term relief, but once we will think of long term effects we can clearly see how the captain(choices) takes us closer to the ‘destroying’  glacier. Your choice will not just affect others along with you, so we must think about its effect keeping in mind ourselves too, before arriving at a choice. We must never forget ourselves while thinking about others as its our life decision will affect us more along with others. For Example- In Economics, a single choice of consumer affects demand and supply and indirectly the whole market tremendously . But consumer must choose what is  best for him/her.

  What would have happened if Captain America  didn’t know about his powers? Definitely Thanos would vanish the whole world using the gauntlet or the world(in movie) would have suffered badly. Same is the case with all of us, we have power to make choices which we forget many times. We don’t control over our life because we don’t control our choices. When we don’t choose , we make a choice to not choose. Example, We have choice to select our thoughts which we feel we never possess. Let’s see how a simple choice affects our life. Thought > Words > Belief > Action > Results. John has a choice to select thoughts he would like to have in mind. He is fed up with his job and feels his life is awful . His mind repeats the same thought every day,  if someone inquires about him he uses the same words. Now he has developed  a deep entrenched belief that he has a bad job and life  and can’t improve. Soon he believed his life can never change and blamed everything for it. He now starts working in same way, he doesn’t take any effort to improve sales in order to get promotion or has any interest in job. He doesn’t work up to his full potential because he doesn’t try to grow himself. The end result is his life and job have become a terrific thing . Just a small thought, and a tiny choice changes the direction of life. Can you see how a choice affects our life. 

We make 1000s of choices each day from choosing to wake up or sleep more,  from choosing between sleeping now or scrolling more. We many a times think others are lucky when they succeed in life but we fail to recognize their hard work and choices. We all are unique and have ability to achieve our 100% potential but the fact is most of us are living up to our 40% potentials. Only 1% people achieve 100% potential and that’s because of a choice. Why all cricketers are not like  M.S. Dhoni? Because of choice, because he choose to grow more and never give up no matter what the situation is. We always have the choices to be positive or negative, to complain or be grateful. To think before or after we speak, to do or procrastinate. To be blooming or glomming,  to live or survive. To be in present or in past and future. To implement or just think, to set goals or survive on a mere wish.  To learn or be depress by failures.  To achieve or never try to achieve. To build or destroy ourselves. To smile or cry. To break or continue in comfort zone. To improve or accept ordinary.  To never give up or never start up. To choose words for or against one. To be dedicated or addicted. To unleash or leave untouched the beast mode. To do it now or never.  To be grateful or dreadful, to count our blessings or others. To debit(+) and credit(-)the right thing.  To accept or retaliate the changes, to look forward or curse the past. To relieve or drag oneself through each day. To choose what we focus on, to regret or enjoy the road taken, how to spend time , talk to yourself. To be covidiot or covidient, to support and nourish oneself without being judgemental , To change from I can’t to I can.  Let’s use our power to make choice and unleash ourselves. Let’s make a choice!!!


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