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Tanya srivastava


Bad phase of life


Life is like coin , it has both sides good and bad. Life is all about learning. Not what you study in classroom it's much more than that. While you are growing up , when you come across your first failure ,you will feel nothing is left but that not the truth . Actually it's not your mistake, we are engrained with this mindset that if you don't get full marks or that dream college or you failure you have to be sad and you are not worth it. But i need to ask why? . Why can't we change our mindset and see our low phase as a opportunity to grow. told to feel sad, heartbroken . I agree its quite relevant but why school, parents don't teaches us how to handle the situation.

Its just the part of life .

I know what they mean, I hear what they are saying, but personally I don’t think the time is good or bad. Beyond this rudimentary classification, how we see what we do makes all the difference to our happiness.

When will My Bad Time End?

"Why does this always happen to me?" This is the most common question people ask when time eclipses their life, when adversities gnaw at their happiness.

All of us go through trying times. “Why me?” is a common refrain everyone utters at one time or another. The real cure to these trying times, however, lies beyond time itself.

This year has been hard on some people. Readers wrote to me about losing their loved ones, about breaking up, about being out of job for months together. They are worried about their future, they are tired of the insecurity and instability in their lives. They have things they must take care of, they tell me. In fact, at any point in time, most of us have too much going on in our lives.

We have taken upon ourselves so many responsibilities that we can’t afford any changes. Even a small change can cause big problems. We often classify people, things, circumstances into good or bad. So, when people are going through challenges, they generally pour their heart out and tell me how life’s not fair, but in the end, they ask me two questions:

a. Why is this happening to me? And,

b. When will my bad time end?

This duality of categorizing everything in absolutes, in good-bad is a dangerous and an extremely limited view. Is summer good or winter bad, spring good and autumn bad? It all depends on our needs and our wants. Those who love snowboarding wait for winters and those who want skateboarding crave for summers. I can’t tell you precisely why you are going through what you are. It may be because of your choices, your skills or simply the circumstances. But, I can tell you with absolute certainty when will your bad time end.

Your bad time will end the moment you stop seeing it as bad. The “bad” will go away and time will continue to tick, for Time, in its own right, is beyond classification, it never stops nor ends. It keeps moving. And, it does so without any adjectives. What we often label as good or bad are simply the seasons of life, the colors of time. Every night is greeted by dawn and every day disappears into dusk. This is the truth of life.

Everything is impermanent, transient, and interdependent. It’s a passing phase. It is unreasonable, even foolish, to expect that time will always be “good”. Time, like nature, like everything else in our infinite universe, moves indiscriminately. Sun doesn’t say I’ll shine brighter here or lighter there because this is what people want, or because this is what I want. It just shines.

We human being tends to get comfortable in being not seeing reality and ignoring the pain. Its really not the solution. You have to sit with yourself and ask yourself WHY? .It will help u to know yourself better and make a friendship connection with your inner self.

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