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Balancing the Blue sky - REPORT on Aviation Industry and Global Warming.

Transportation is one of the most massive sector of any country's economy. Transportation throughout the world contributes to nearly a quarter of total energy related CO2 emission. Not just CO2 but other green-house gases also are frequent from aviation.

Global warming is responsible for increase in temperature of this planet. Around 1.5 degree C of temperature inflation is observed throughout the globe every year. The Paris agreement was however not-so-meaningful and nations much unite for this cause now.

What should be done?

There are methods we can use to stop, control and balance the further growth in temperature; and also develop a safe future for mankind.

1) Decarbonization Methods.

The fuel used in aviation produces too much carbonized molecules. To reduce it, we can have an alternative, Hybrid-Electric and Hydrogen powered aviation technology. Hybrid-Electrical aircraft will minimize the Carbonization rate as much of the energy utilization can be done with sustainable of renewable electric sources. Hydrogen powered engines in the aviation industry can also bring revolutions, reducing Carbonization and producing enough energy to sustain this industry for good.


But for these reforms, we can at least expect 2030. Untill then, we must find something else.

2) Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

We can use SAF in the aviation industry to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases. SAF is synthesized from renewable feedstocks such as - municipal waste, agricultural residues and waste lipids.

Best thing about SAFs is they are fully compatible with current fuel infrastructure and will do the work.

We must, united, seek some reforms in aviation industry as the travel and tourism is expanding in post-Corona era to maintain the efficiency horizon of this planet.

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