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Banned Books in India

Book is such a think , that everyone considered it as the gift of God. Everyone wishes to extract all the knowledge from different kinds of books. Some writers try to expose some reality through books while some writers write only to get fame from their society but some writers try to insult a community by writing hateful content. These things happen most frequently in India.

So today we are going to see 5 most banned books in India that target a specific community those writers wrote all wrong about the targeted community, modified the original historical texts according to their own posinous mentality.

1. Santsurya Tukaram and Loksakha Dnyaneshwar - by Anand Yadav 

This book was written by Author Anand Yadav. The book's original title was ‘Sant-Shiromani Tukaram Maharaj’ and ‘Sant-shreshtha Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’ written by Anand Yadav. This book softly insults the two great saints of India Saints Tukaram and Dnyanenshwar.

The complaint Jaisingh More had claimed that the book was derogatory to Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar. The publishers defended the book and the author's daughter stated that they will appeal in a higher court

This book was intentionally defaming the innocent Saints of India. on 27th May 2014 Shri. K.P. Jain, first class Magistrate has passed an order that author and publisher should pay Rs. 20,000/- as fine and copies of the said books should be destroyed. Next day the 

Dainik Sanatan Prabhat news magazine published a very meaningful statement , Will the people, who have been defaming Hindus objects of worship under the guise of freedom of expression, learn a lesson from this verdict or they too want similar slap from Court ? It is the first historical verdict of Court passed in field of literature. And it's a message to every writer that he should never modify the original history.

2.Rangila Rasul - by Pandit M. A. Chamupati or Krishan Prashaad Prataab.

The book was written by the author Pandit M. A. Chamupati or Krishan Prashaad Prataab. The book was originally titled "Rangeela Rasool" this book was published is two common languages Hindi and Urdu. It was a book published during a period of conflict between AryaSamaj and Muslims in Punjab during the 1920s. According to some communists , this book finds a very smooth way to frame Mohammed prophet as a irresponsible sex lover starting from his early life.

It was a retaliatory action from the Hindu community against a pamphlet published by a Muslim depicting the Hindu goddess Sita as a prostitute. Since there was no law against insult to religion during 1920s , both the communitie's Authors ( the Pamphlet and the rageenla rasul) were safe. Muslims, however, continued to try to take Rajpal's life. After several unsuccessful assassination attempts on him, Rajpal was stabbed to death by a young carpenter named Ilm-ud-din on 6 April 1929. Ilm-ud-din was sentenced to death and the sentence was carried out on 31 October 1929. Ilm-ud-din was represented by Mohammad Ali Jinnah as a defense lawyer. The controversial book concerned the marriages and sex life of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Other than India this book is also strictly banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

3.The face of Mother India - by Katherine Mayo

The book was published in 1927 , and in a very short period of it gained a large amount of reach in India as well as it reached international readers also.This author criticizes the Indian culture, and she gives senseless reasons against Indian independence from British colonies.This book was written in opposition to the Indian demands for self-rule and independence from British rule, the book pointed to the treatment of Indian women, the untouchables, animals, dirt, and the character of its nationalistic politicians and infact it targeted the living culture of India. A large part of the book dealt with the problems resulting from the marriage of young girls. The book also discusses about the behavior of Indian men and their illiteracy, infact it also targets incomplete knowledge of men in sex , hygiene, sanitation , rape , homosexuality , prostitution, and the rising diseases.

Mayo's book Mother India was criticized by Mahatma Gandhi as a "report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose of opening and examining the drains of the country to be reported upon". During all this many Pamphlets were published , talking about the Katherine's book and its mistakes. The book was not only banned just because it targeted the specific area with the whole of India , infact it strategically targeted hindu communities and Hinduism. Katherine Mayo attacks Indian society, religion and culture. And majority of the readers already know that this is the false perception of Katherine.

4.Hindu Heaven - by Max Wylie.

The book was published in 1933 , by Max Wylie. It cannot be brought into India. The novel questioned the work of American missionaries in India. It also dealt with the harsh effects of the climate on the missionaries.There is not much available information about the book as it was strictly banned and opposed in India. Reader commented on the book that its content is filled with extra false statements. This book shows how much pity condition India was in.

5.The true Furqan - by - Al Saffee, Al Mahdee

According to some people this book beats the Quran's challenge that it is inimitable. Now some Arabs have actually agreed that it meets the challenge, while others disagreed. Majority of the Readers considered it a powerful and practical tool to share the message of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Muslim world.The book is attributed to authors who go by the pseudonyms of "Al Saffee" and "Al Mahdee", and was translated into English by Anis Shorrosh, who calls it "a tool to liberate Muslims", and who believes that Muhammad is "the antichrist ( anti-Christ, is a person prophesied by the Bible to oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ's place before the Second Coming). This book cannot be imported. This book is completely banned on the case that it is religiously focused on multiple communities.Banned for purportedly mocking Islam.

It's a kind request from all the readers , do not try to buy these books from anywhere. Consuming such materials can be harmful for you. In India if you are found with these books you may be punished for this crime. Such books are easily available on Amazon, it will Internationally import these books.

Content sources : wikipedia and the Hindu and the pratogytha darpan newspaper.


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