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Basic reasons to choose a 'Green Lifestyle" !


Regardless of wherever you live, folks are going green everywhere. The entire purpose would solely for MOTHER EARTH! Right from global warming to ongoing damage on the planet, it's a topmost priority. With every passing day, a new layman is coming up with new ideas for the world to go green. From using rainwater to recycling, there are plenty of ways.

What's better than understanding some reasons in deep! Shall we?

  • Cut down on bills

One can easily save hundreds of bucks just by going green. Replace those appliances that consume a lot of energy, that way there will be a cut in your energy bill. One can consume organic food, which automatically leads to a reduction in food expenses.

  • Saves energy

By switching to solar energy, you can save 10-30% of electricity. There are many companies out there who make products that use natural energy and save electricity. By using, "Energy star rated appliances", one can save up to 10-50% in energy.

  • Betterment of one's health

According to a report from the WHO (World Health Organization), there were 3 million premature deaths because of "environmental health risk". By going green, we can decrease these numbers. It's always better to provide the upcoming generation with a healthy, green, and sustainable environment.

  • Decrease in pollution

Going green will save us from unauthorized waste disposal and polluting water bodies, which leads to a decrease in water pollution. We are consuming toxic air daily. This initiative will lead to an improvement in air quality which will automatically be a surplus in our health.

  • A decrease in the rate for climate change

One can switch to organic farming to benefit all the aspects of climate change. The best technique would be "net zero", where no more carbon dioxide is dump in than taken out.

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