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Beauty of ancient Chinese art


Beauty of ancient Chinese art

Every culture has its own beauty. Every culture has its own rituals and beliefs. The ancient Chinese art draws the attention of people towarw their culture.

Chinese art is the oldest continuous tradition in the world and is marked by an unusual degree of continuity within that tradition much of the best work in



and other techniques

for producing a long period of the various imperial factories which as well as being used by the court was distributed internally and abroad on huge scale revised rate of wealth and power of the emperor's in recent decades and has participated with increasing success and wearable contemporary art.

Traditional Chinese are involved essentially the same techniques as Chinese calligraphy and is done with the brush dipped in black or coloured ink,oils are not used.

the most popular materials on which paintings are made of paper and sell the finishing but can be mounted on store such as hanging scrolls.

Traditional paintings can be also done on album,


and other media.

A wide range of materials that were more valuable were worked and decorated with great skill for a range of uses or just for display . Chinese jade was attributed with magical powers and was used in the stone and bronze.

Ages for large and impractical versions of everyday weapons and tools.

Many of the arts are influenced from Buddhism. Their style is also said to be solemn and majestic.

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