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Beauty of ladakh

Ladakh is also known as the ‘Land of High Passes’  located in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and shares it's borders with Tibet .

In last decade Ladakh has became famous as tourist destination and number of tourists going to LADAKH keeps on increasing. It's the Beauty of LADAKH that attracts  people to LADAKH for tourism .

Why do  people travel to ladakh ?

People travel to Ladakh  for it's soul soothing  landscapes, heavenly skies, mountain climbing, trekking and visiting  Buddhist Monasteries .

1. Trekking

the high mountains of Ladakh are famous for it's trekking routes .the high, risky height of mountains and natural obstacles make trekking a thrilling experience.some of the famous trek routes are Chadar Trek, Stock Kangri Trek, Markhey Trek, Nubra Valley Trek, Padum to Darcha route etc.

2.  THE HEMIS FESTIVAL  -  this festival marks the 10 th day of tibetan lunar calendar and celebrated in summers with lots of zeal and gigantic, colourful decorations.the energy of people participating in this festival is worth watching.

3. MEDITATIVE RETREAT  - LADAKH is filled with monasteries and places teaching people how to stop and calm down in their daily life. You can always go to LADAKH for a nice meditation and yoga session.

4. RIVER INDUS - when i told my professor my father was posted in LADAKH she asked me if i have  seen the river INDUS and what a beauty it is . so go yo LADAKH to watch river INDUS flow before it enters pakistan.

5.  AMAZING FOOD -   momo’s, Tibetian Stew, Ladakhi Bread and a lot more . my mouth is watering just imagining about all this food.

Tips to keep in mind if travelling to ladakh

1) carry lot's of warm clothes with you to keep you warm in spine chilling cold weather of ladakh.

2) Due to it's difficult terrain it's easy and normal to get injured in Ladakh. So always carry a full first aid kid with you in case medical service is not available in that area.

3. if you want to enjoy beauty of ladakh on cars and bikes. You can easily find rental service around you .

4.if you are going to ladakh in peak season which is in march to june ut might be tough to get accommodation so pre book your hotel rooms.

4. Carry a lots of cash because ladakh doesn't have lot's of banks or ATM's to withdraw cash and the once which  are always out of money.

5. Carry a big bag pack - it's important to carry a bag pack to ladakh which can easily accomodate lot's of daily use essential items like clothes, medicine, first-aid kit, torch, caps,food etc.

My personal take on travelling to ladakh

we all live a life surrounded by people, cars, music, work and lots of chaos and than a moment come in life where you are so overwhelmed with everything happening around you that you need a break and to take that break i don't think there can be a better place than ladakh . just imagine yourself among nature, culturally rich place with lot's of good food, monasteries and happy people i don't think i will be less happy.

I will sit whole day looking at mountains and rivers of ladakh and since i am yoga lover do lot's of yoga and enrich my soul.

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