By- Surbhi Mishra

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Surbhi Mishra


Bed effect of chemicals in our foods


Our food are full of nutritious. And It is essential for our health . but nutrition is not a single component which are found in our food there are some other chemicals are also found in it . Our food is full of pesticides, herbicides, preservative, Artificial color, facts . These substances are very dangerous in our food and directly leaves bad effects on our health. These substances may not be shown on packing of our foods. Every substances gives different types of negative effect on our health .

Pesticides are used while growing foods in field and its bacteria contaminate in our food and it becomes responsible for fatal disease for all age. some preservative are used to make long life of our food and preservative like nitrous and sulfites are used as preservative. Where nitrous very harm full to our health because it causes stomach cancer . And sulfites are used to preserve juices, wine, and dry fruits. And Excessive use of it may cause asthma which is the reason of bad respiratory system. Artificial color may attract customer to buy food easily but its chemical is very dangerous and cause liver cancer and leads hyperactive behavior in children. Facts and sweetness are used in cookies, Bread and microwave popcorns all these are also dangerous blocking of coronary in arteries.

We surely can say that all foods which are full of chemicals are dangerous for every living beings we must consider on it and we should take fresh food to escape from these diseases and our government should also ban some dangerous chemical which are being sold openly in our society .

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