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College time is considered as the best time to explore ourselves and develop freedom of thoughts. It becomes a second house to us with friends becoming our family members experiencing memorable moments together. It is full of adventures and learning new things. College life provide students undoubtedly a chance to engage in various activities and further develop our skills.

What according to you is the best part of college life?

From making new friends, party after exams together, hostel life, canteens, bunking classes and what not! Well, one of the best part about college life includes the college societies. How fun it is to get to explore things of your interest other than academics!

How are college societies helpful?

College societies provide students a platform to to develop personal and social skills. Students are given various options of societies to choose from as per their interest. Every student should take up the chance and participate in at least one of the society of their choice.

College studies are important for so many reasons  after all it helps in setting up a  good career option. But does that mean a person has to change himself or herself for the competitive world? Does that mean one should ignore his interests and hobbies? I definitely refuse these statements. In my opinion, studies and personal interests should move simultaneously and must be balanced for one to succeed.


To be part of a college society, students have to generally go through the various stages of selection, which include personal interviews, group discussions which help them to become a more confident person and they learn various skills and develop leadership qualities in them, which are very useful and necessary to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Lets get into the benefits more deeply!

1. Meeting new people

Colleges seem intimidating at first. One of the most important element of a college societies is meeting new people. You will meet various people from different cities, culture and background. Societies help you find people who possess same interest and passion as you and what can be more interesting than bonding over you hobbies!

2. Follow your passion

Studying in your favorable colleges and preferred course does not necessarily mean you are following your passion. No one should forget what they stand for and what makes them unique from others. Societies provide perfect opportunity to discover new hobbies or further develop your interest.

3. Enhancing your CV

In this competitive world, no one would want to miss a chance to furnish themselves. You never know how even a small opportunity can take you towards your success. The list of relevant skills you can gain is endless, from teamwork, time management, event planning, and problem-solving, to leadership, organization, public speaking and interacting with various professional bodies.

4. Break from studies

There comes a time when no student dares to admit that they are drawing blanks and their brains have turned to mush. Our brain is a muscle, it needs to be worked hard, but also looked after and well rested. Joining a society allows you to have some fun, get out of the library for a couple of hours every week and switch off that over-worked brain. 

5. Practicality

Where is our education actually going to take you? Joining a society will give us the opportunity to moot, debate and enter into group projects. All of which will take your learning from the lecture hall into practical use. This could help us in deciding as to whether we actually want to enter into that sector of the working world or not.


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